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Since 2008, Brad Johnson has worked deeply with the inner self as a healer, channeler, psychic, Akashic reader and Metaphysical researcher. Brad's profound teachings delivered simply makes him one of the most helpful spiritual teachers available to anyone around the world!

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Inner Self Mastery :: Channeling:: Universal Knowledge :: Healing



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Adronis: Q&A Forum (Episode 3)

Live! Sunday, July 25th @ 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
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1 Hour Private Sessions have returned! 15 min, 30 min and 45 min sessions also available. Personal interaction with Brad Johnson and Adronis on any topics.
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Look into other lifetime perspectives and receive Akashic healing to help resolve emotional karmic patterns + more!
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Every Sunday, Brad Johnson shares insight through his New Earth Newsletter sharing inner guidance, information on current events, updates and more!
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The Healing Code Cards: The Latest Revelation in Alternative Healing

The Healing Code Cards Body and Mind decks are a revolutionary new spiritual healing technology that contain Spirit Light Healing Codes imbued within sacred geometrical cards designed to detoxify and eliminate viruses/toxins/metals & restore and enhance the physical body.


The Healing Code Cards consist of two decks: The Body Deck and the Mind Deck. Each deck contains 36 cards that have been imbued by "Spirit Light Codes" invisible to the naked eye, but deliver a profound effect to specific areas of the body.

Created by Brad Johnson: Spirit communicator, psychic and energy healer, the Healing Code Cards bring a brand new innovation to the alternative healing field where profound health and recovery exists within a simple card of sacred geometry.

Order the Healing Code Cards: Body and Mind Deck, Printed and Digital Editions through our associated website:

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"They Call Us Channelers" Interviews Brad Johnson and Adronis!

Webinars on Demand (Vimeo)

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Adronis: Contact Liaison
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Adronis: Q&A Forum - Episode 2
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Adronis: Q&A Forum - Episode 1
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POPULAR SESSIONS (Click on an image below)

15, 30 & 45 minute private sessions available!

With a Private Session, you'll be able to interact with Brad with the options of channeling Adronis for Q&A, request an Akashic Record session to look into past and future lives, as well as receive a Spirit Light Code healing that assists with healing physical/emotional ailments, entity implant removal, enhancements & more!

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Akashic Readings and Akashic Healing - Available now!

Look into other perspectives of lifetimes, resolve karmic emotional patterns, receive Akashic healing and more as Brad Johnson works with your Akashic Records in combination with Vedic Astrology to assist you with connecting to deeper levels of Akashic insight and personal healing all-in-one!

Astrological Dampening Sessions

Astrological Dampening Sessions

This is a series of 3 group sessions where you will have the astrological effects of the planets dampened minimizing the intensity effects of astrological planetary influence. The Astrological Dampening Sessions are a one-time activation and you will have the option to deactivate and reactivate the Dampening effect through Healing code technology.

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Experience Instant Healing through the EQ Method!

Through this simple, yet powerful healing method developed by Brad Johnson, your deepest physical, mental and emotional states become substituted with powerful positive reinforcement as Brad guides you through an easy-to-follow guided meditation that will bring your body back into harmony in less than 30 minutes!



"Interacting with Brad was joyful, inspirational, empowering, and downright fun!!! In addition to the enormous wisdom Brad emparts I was gifted an immensity of Love. Language of words is hard-pressed here, but I'll try: a crystalline thought form was dropped in the pond of my heart, and I feel it's vibrations radiating into an ever deepening cosmic ocean, within and without. Thank you so much."

—  Bibi Tinsley