24/7 Remote Healing

New Earth Teaching's newest service will be debuting on February 16th: 24/7 Remote Healing. A monthly subscription session where you receive remote healing through the facilitation of Spirit Healing Codes, the same spiritual technology that makes the Healing Code Cards the incredible healing tool they are. Yet, through the 24/7 Remote Healing, you are being remotely worked on by Spirit through advanced healing code commands that are not found within the Healing Code Cards technology. 

24/7 Remote Healing Video Presentation

In this 15 minute video, Brad Johnson, creator of the 24/7 Remote Healing Service and the Healing Code Cards, shares information on what the 24/7 Remote Healing service is and how it can benefit you tremendously:​

What does the 24/7 Remote Healing do for you?

  • You are receiving all Healing Code commands found within both the Body and Mind Decks of the Healing Code Cards being applied to you 24/7. This is profound as your organs, glands, bodily systems, mental and emotional bodies are being constantly detoxified, regenerated, enhanced and purified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an entire month!

  • You are receiving Spirit Healing Code commands not covered in the Healing Code Card decks. Included in the monthly subscription service is the daily vitality amalgamator that uses "capture" vibration commands to imbue the perfect vibration out of vitamins, minerals, organic supplements and healing frequencies from the Earth. The daily vitality amalgamator stabilizes all the vital nutrients your body requires on a daily basis so that your body is receiving the life force of these essential nutrients 24/7. This doesn't replace your current supplement plan, but rather balances it so that your body doesn't fall short of the essential nutrition on a life energy level.

  • You can also add up to 12 custom areas that you would personally like to have worked on as a 24/7 remote healing subscriber. Whether battling an illness, or chronic condition, etc. Whatever custom assistance you require, you'll have it for an entire month 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With each consecutive month enrolled, you can modify your current 12 discrepancies AND add an additional 12 discrepancies that you'd like to have worked on. This feature continues with each consecutive month.

  • The 24/7 Healing array is like a geometrical vortex that contains a living library of healing code commands within it. This library works with you personally to assist in the alleviation of your discrepancies + delivers enhancement healing codes to improve your physical, mental and emotional bodies month to month working with subtle Spirit/Source energy: the same healing technology found within the Healing Code Cards.

  • Subscribers enrolled in the 24/7 remote healing monthly membership are renting shelf space as the printed custom-made healing array is 'linked' to your printed photo, full name and birthdate to deliver the 24/7 remote healing effects in-house at Brad Johnson's personal residence. This is known as the "capture" method where the applied custom commands are imbued into a geometrical array and sent to a subscriber remotely using their information mentioned above. This enables the 24/7 healing effect through a vast library of Spirit healing code commands contained within your own custom array.

What Healing Codes are contained in the 24/7 Remote Healing?

  • All Healing Codes directly from the Body and Mind Decks of the Healing Code Cards are imbued within the '24/7 healing amalgamation array' (with the exception of the amplifier cards and the manifestation enhancer in the Mind Deck).

  • The Daily Energy Array contains a vibrational steadiness to various vitamins, nutrients in minerals in the body maintaining a balance, as well as codes to balance body temperature, hormones, skin, mouth, hair and balancing the body's overall vitality and wellness.

  • Finally, there's the custom array where up to 12 areas that you would like to have worked on will have healing codes assigned to them to bring them into harmony and restoration.

  • New healing code commands are being added regularly into the 24/7 healing array through our subscribers, so with more subscribers enrolled, the greater the living library of healing code commands are available for all subscribers providing greater in-depth subtle energy healing.

Does the 24/7 Remote Healing require anything from me?

  • All that's required is a photo of yourself, your first and last name and your birthdate.

  • Through this, your 24/7 remote healing monthly subscription begins. Once your custom commands are added to your 'healing array,' you will be notified by email and your first day as a subscriber will begin. That's all. No personal use of a symbol is needed, no affirmations, no intentions, nothing else is needed. You can enjoy an entire month reaping all the benefits of a healthy body and mind as the 24/7 remote healing works on you through the Spirit commands.

  • Not only that, but you will have email support should you have any questions, or if you require any further assistance with your daily health.

Are there any side effects from the 24/7 Remote Healing that I should be aware of?

  • None whatsoever. This is available to anyone from all walks of life: pregnant women, seniors, people with chronic conditions, children and more. Like the Healing Code Cards, the 24/7 Remote Healing promotes natural 'subtle' detoxification, enhancement, regeneration and purification working with natural life force energy intensified by Spirit/Source commands through Brad Johnson's capability of summoning and imbuing pure Spirit Light commands into geometrical arrays and applying it to the client remotely. There are no side effects with life force energy as it is the very essence of life itself. There is no difference in the spiritual technology used between the Healing Code Cards and the 24/7 Remote Healing, only a greater variety of healing command capabilities as the 24/7 remote healing offers even more assistance than the Healing Code Cards as it is an all-in-one subtle energy healing method that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an entire month.

What type of discrepancies are acceptable for the 24/7 Remote Healing? (Please Read)

  • With your list of discrepancies, think of areas that would benefit from body healing. Try not to list situation-based healing requests or desired effects.

  • For example, these would not be discrepancies to list: "I want to feel better.", or "I want to stop feeling ill.", or "I want people to stop bullying me."

  • Those discrepancies would not work and would need to be re-submitted with different verbiage. Try to be practical and to the point with discrepancies that can be worked on for the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

  • For example, these would be acceptable discrepancies to list: "Improving my spine.", or "Regenerate my liver", or "Neutralizing headaches.", or "Enhancing psychic abilities.", or "Enhance mental focus."

  • See them as simple, to the point, practical commands as this works best in preparing your 24/7 remote healing service. 

Can I renew my 24/7 Remote Healing subscription after 30 days?

  • Absolutely. In fact, we will have three plans for you to choose from: 1 month, 2 month and 3 month plans are available with each additional month offered at a discount rate.

I'm excited to start. What do I do next?

  • Stay updated by signing up for our Remote Healing updates so you can be notified when our newest service is online.

  • Our official launch date for the 24/7 Remote Healing monthly membership begins on February 16th.

Leave your name and email below if you'd like to be kept updated on the 24/7 Remote Healing service including a notification when this service goes live on the 16th. We look forward to serving our subscriber when our new service launches!

Purchase Monthly Plans (Special Discount Offers: Expires March 16th)

After your purchase, check your PayPal email so you can download the instructional PDF included with your email receipt.


"In the past week, I have noticed an improvement in many areas such as my skin, my ability to cut out sugars and eat healthier.  I have lost 5 pounds since last Monday and I would say have cut out 95% of sugar.  It’s not just about loosing weight it’s about living a healthy lifestyle and becoming more spiritually aware and connected to god. This sugar addiction is something I have struggled with for so many years I would consume sugar from the moment I wake up and all throughout the day,  this has taken a big toll on my body and immune system. I have tried tons of different things but unfortunately I was never able to get past this obstacle.  Since I have been apart of this 24/7 healing trial I have not craved sugar throughout this past week and have finally been able to consume healthier options. 

Another thing I have noticed is my ability to speak up and say what’s on my mind. I am a quiet and passive person and so many times I would choose not to say anything because of the fear of others opinions or certain conflicts and in the last two days I have noticed a change in my ability to speak up and i am beginning to see a different perspective on this.

I would absolutely recommend this 24/7 healing, to see how much of a difference it has made in 1 week is just incredible. I look forward to the months and years ahead!"

Breanne D.

"I'm not a very energy sensitive person so I wasn't sure if anything was happening the first couple days. It was on the third day something profound happened. There came a situation where I had a mild anxiety attack. My heart was racing, I started sweating, getting fidgety, etc. But before it got to its peak something shifted inside of me instantly. I felt a wave of inner calmness that was telling me "It's ok. There's really nothing to worry about." and my anxiety attack just went away! It happened so quick it was amazing, and it was so obvious that it was the work of remote healing, and this is just one of many experiences I've had so far (day 5 typing this). Overall, I feel an amazing sense of well-being and am much more at peace with my inner world. 24/7 remote healing is something EVERYONE can benefit from and is a powerful boost to the individual doing their inner work. So much gratitude to Brad for creating this healing tool for us all. It's truly one of a kind :)"

Leo Jags.


"When I saw the invitation on Brad's post to fill out the questionnaire for the trial healings, I hesitated and then filled it out, only to delete it, thinking, you are playing the victim here. Your issues are minute compared to those of others; quit complaining. Then I filled it out again, thinking, if it is meant to be, you will be given this opportunity. If not, then carry on. The universe gives you what you need. I forgot about it, and when saw the posting that the 12 had been chosen, I quickly moved on. Then I got the email that I was one of the chosen. My list of limitations had been sent off quickly, and without a lot of thought. I was a little embarrassed that they were so negative in nature; not being written from an empowering perspective. But,I knew that no matter how undeveloped and victim-focused my descriptions were, spirit would reach to the source, and heal on as many levels as were required. So, I am humbled, and ever grateful for this opportunity to work with Brad. 


The last 5 days have been interesting; a challenge to focus inward, but also to engage in life and move out of getting caught in emotion. Having said that, I feel as though these healings have been working kind of like homeopathy, where the issues are initially amplified, only to be sifted through, unlayered, and eventually processed. I know this is going to take some time, and that I will probably not notice big shifts for a few weeks, even months. And that I have to keep doing the work from my end in my daily life. 


After Day 1, Feb 5, I became very aware of how my 1st and 2nd chakras seemed fused, at least in my mind, and in my usual manner of working with them. The overlay combining the two was like a mist or cobweb, so that I had trouble separating them and seeing them operating efficiently. No wonder I have been stuck in fear, and feeling insecure most of my adult life. This was quite a revelation for me. The first day was a lot about reexperiencing grief, and heart opening. I felt this very strongly in the events that transpired that day. I was reminded very strongly of my deceased parents, and so I communed with them for much of the day, and also with friends over the phone. 


Day 2,3 Acutely aware of the tension, physical pain, and discomfort in my body. I have been reminded of how I stand "alone" in the universe as a responsible, sovereign, powerful being, if I choose. I have the potential to make my own choices. I have the opportunity to step out of the victim role I have been playing for forever. I knew that whatever healing work was going on, my discomforts were being brought to the fore to be addressed. I didn't spend a lot of time worrying or wondering, just accepting whatever was to come. 


Day 4 - Colors seem more vibrant in my meditations. There seems to be more of a clarity, and more of a solidness, yet lightness in who I am. I am doing today what I need to do, without a lot of worry, or thought, or anxiety, which is generally present. 


Day 5- There is a sense of being in my body more consistently. I am aware of a core solidness, but also of my insecurities. I know more layers are peeling away. In my morning meditation, my inner child came to me in a way she has not before. I could observe her dancing around her chair, in clothing I loved wearing as a child. I watched her, and was able to catch myself when I started to judge her for not staying sitting nicely on her chair. Then her clothing changed to an outfit I had not been fond of as a child, and I was aware of her sadness. I could see that she really feared growing up and taking responsibility. I cried her tears and felt her angst. I was able to talk to her and take her hand, while pulling in a lot of my adult fragments, admitting I have doubts and fears, but together we would do this journey; that I would be there walking with her. This was quite powerful for me. I have done inner child work before, but never experienced it in such a genuine manner. 


In general, I feel as though there is a pulling together of all systems, into more coherence. It will be interesting to see what the next 5 days bring.


Much gratitude for this work!"

Kelly Wrzosek.

"For the first 2 days of my distance healing I was experiencing quite the pain & discomfort. But since day 3 I have been feeling quite amazing. The pain I usually have in my calves and feet from standing on my feet at work all day is almost non-existent. I have also had quite the shift in my overall energy & mood."

Jaimie S.

"As soon as I saw your email about  your remote healing  trials, I signed up right away .I was excited and optimistic about knowing that  you would be doing something special to help people. At first  I didn't notice anything but 2 days into trial  I started to get this tingling feeling as I was laying in bed  at night the next morning my achy back and hips were feeling much better and  2 days after that, I really noticed that a significant healing had happened to me because my back and hips which have bothered me pretty much my whole  life because of my line of work have totally stopped hurting. I did notice that one morning I developed a weird pain on my right foot, since  I don't remember hurting myself in any way I emailed Brad and he emailed promptly and  gave me some instructions on how to resolve ,which the next day felt great again. Brad, thank you for helping me and I definitely will be signing up for the extended as  I welcome all the healing with gratitude."

Robert M.