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The concept of New Earth Teachings is to provide an informative and educational platform for truth on a spiritual, metaphysical and consciousness level. New Earth Teachings explores a simple and easy-to-digest approach on how each of us can explore, heal, integrate and expand our growing awareness of being. There is a great deal of information that has yet to be shared on the essence of our true nature and potentials as human beings. This website dedicates itself to bringing complex truths, teachings and understandings into simple and practical knowledge that can deliver profound results into any person's daily life.

Our world is changing and going through profound shifts of consciousness. The world we understood through the five senses is now creating an integrative transformation where the sixth sense of our own intuition and expanded awareness is becoming commonplace. Many are developing deep psychic, intuitive and spiritual awareness through this intense planetary change, but are uncertain how to develop these energy systems effectively to benefit and harmonize their body, mind and spirit as one.

Brad Johnson, international spiritual teacher, psychic, channeler, healer and metaphysical researcher, has created this website to aid those who wish to seek a greater understanding on what is unfolding during this time. A grand shift in awakening and awareness is bringing us into a new Earth where the world of spirituality, intuition, kindness and personal truth will become our way of life through our present day and even greater through our upcoming generations. With Brad Johnson's extensive spiritual knowledge and nearly a decade of deep inner practices, his insight provides an atmosphere of easy-to-follow teachings that range from a wide variety of topics within the fields of awareness, spirituality, metaphysics and universal truth.

It is the mission of New Earth Teachings to share a vast perspective of insight that will allow you the opportunity to expand and broaden yourself in ways you never thought possible. The teachings are profoundly genuine and life-changing. Through New Earth Teachings, another goal involves the development of an educated and refined spiritual community to become forged as these practices can show us how to live in sacred companionship, kindness and bringing others together through common mindsets. Each of us holds immeasurable abilities, knowledge and wisdom to share among each other as we align in becoming empowered humans contributing our teachings upon a New Earth.

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