Akashic Body Scans

Akashic Body Scans are now available through New Earth Teachings! Through the Akashic Body Scan, all you need to do is submit your full name and a photo of yourself. The session entails scanning the major areas of your body and determining their integrity score (on a scale from 1-100: 1 being the poorest health, 100 being radiant health). The integrity worksheet you'll receive will also contain suggested emotional and physical areas for you to work on as Brad Johnson scans your body intuitively through spirit's connection with the Akashic Records and receives guidance for your body.

The Akashic Body Scan also contains an MP3 recording from Brad Johnson as he provides additional detail regarding your body and the recommendations listed.

See PDF worksheet sample here.

This session is non-interactive and you will not need to communicate with Brad by phone or Skype. It is done 'offline', often in the evenings on Wednesdays or Thursdays and sent to you once completed.

If you have any further questions regarding the Akashic Body Scan, please contact us.


Akashic Body Scan

Akashic Body Scan



"Amazingly accurate! Especially the scan done on my thyroid. I've told no one about it and Brad's scan on it resonated so well with me! I'll definitely be getting another scan soon! Thank you so much!"

~ Donna Reinholdt.

"i just listened to the reading.  i am stunned.  and at this point in my long journey here, that takes quite a lot.  every phrase resounded thru me with absolute accuracy.  you were so able to articulate my essence."

~ j'ani hadden.