Akashic Record & Akashic Healing Sessions

NOTE: Brad will be ending his Akashic Record readings effective August 31st. So if you would like to look into Akashic Records with Brad, please be sure to book your session prior to August 31st as Brad will be retiring the Akashic Records permanently within his sessions.

Akashic Record Sessions looking into the flow of your Akashic insights: Past/Future lives, karmic contracts + Akashic Healing option as well! 

The Akashic Record Session looks into your inner Akashic stream providing insight on looking into the tapestry of other lifetimes as well as looking into karmic patterns within soul contracts helping you to look deeper into what you're here in this life to resolve and harmonize with. The Akashic Record Session works alongside Vedic Astrology as your astrological information is utilized to help look deeper into certain karmic emotional patterns for the purpose of insight and healing.

The Akashic Record Session also offers an additional option for Akashic Healing through Spirit Healing Codes. Through the scanning of your Akashic stream, areas that are ready to be forgiven and released already can be submitted through Spirit Healing Codes to help uplift cluttered emotional patterns that are presented to Spirit with the opportunity to be forgiven. What is not forgiven requires more of an in-depth look through the client, nonetheless, the Akashic Record Session and Healing offer help in discovering and alleviating as much Akashic karmic patterns as it can.

Brad Johnson has been performing Akashic Record Sessions since 2010 and was worked with hundreds of people and their Akashic records helping with Akashic insight on other lifetimes and Akashic record healing helping emotional patterns to heal.

The Session

  • Once you order, Brad Johnson will contact you within 24 hours by email to book your Akashic Records session.

  • You'll be required to offer your full name, a photo of yourself, birthdate, birth time (if known) and birth place as this will work with the Vedic Astrology portion of the session helping to provide insight and healing to Akashic karmic emotional patterns.

  • The session is done offline so no personal online interaction is needed for your session. Sessions are recorded onto MP3 and sent to your email once they're complete. This is the process for both Akashic Record and Akashic Healing sessions.

  • For an Akashic Healing session, Brad reads out an affirmation on the MP3 recording calling in Spirit to assist in alleviating Akashic karmic emotional patterns from your being. This doesn't require any online interaction when performed as your awareness in hearing the affirmation is all that's required.

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