Akashic Record Sessions

Explore your past and future lifetimes as Brad Johnson tunes into your Akashic records and shares insight on events through your other incarnations. Akashic Record sessions help you to explore related lifetimes that may help reveal what challenges or triumphs you have achieved in this lifetime that reflect from others.

Sessions include either a single lifetime reading or a double-lifetime reading.

All sessions are recorded onto mp3 recording and sent to you by email once completed.

Akashic Records Healing

​Based on the context of your Akashic Records reading, healing of your Akashic records through Spirit Healing Power facilitated through Brad is available to assist in releasing Akashic lifetime trauma that will also assist in the healing process in your current lifetime.

(All prices are in Canadian funds and can be purchased through any currency via PayPal or Stripe.)

Only single quantity session purchase per customer please, no multiple quantity session purchases unless you are ordering a session for another person.