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Book an Event or Interview with Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson holds a vast amount of knowledge through his natural ability to channel the universal mind, as well as connect with the multidimensional consciousness: Adronis.


Below are common subjects that he has shared extensive information on in past events:

  • Developing Yourself as a Channeler: Learn how channeling works, how to train yourself as a channeler and connect to spirit guides, parallel versions of yourself and the higher self.

  • Instant Healing and Energy Systems: Find out more about our energy body, the power of focused intent, working with intuitive symbols and experience Brad's instant healing system: Light Circuitry Attunements.

  • The Akashic Records: Explore how this infinite universal library can be accessed easily providing you with all of the knowledge of creation. Brad shares simple techniques on how one can naturally connect to the Akashic Records as well as provide demonstrations through the records to the live audience.

  • Inner Self Intensive: Through a weekend of practical group exercises, Brad Johnson takes his participants into deep exploration of the inner self: from psychic training, invoking synchronicity, summoning appointed guides, entering the God mind state, communicating with surrounding nature, bi-location, creating thought form guardians, spirit being photography, summoning spacecraft sightings and more!

Brad Johnson is based in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and has spoken at many live events internationally: Canada, USA, Mexico, the Carribean and Japan. Brad is also available for online speaking engagements. Please provide all of your contact information below including any important details on your event and request booking for Brad Johnson.

View Brad Johnson's Media Kit.

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