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Distance Healing by Donation

This is a new service that offers anyone a single distance healing request purchasable by a donation of any amount. Once you make your healing request by donation, Brad Johnson will email you within the next 24 hours to give you an estimated time of completion for your distance healing request.

What type of healing request can be made?

Any physical, emotional or mental healing through yourself or for another can be requested. Brad Johnson speaks directly to your higher self while working on you through distance healing to know what can and cannot be done. If you request this service for another and it surrounds any emotional or mental trauma that they are going through, it's recommended that you ask their permission before making a Distance Healing by Donation session with Brad. However, if they have a physical condition that requires attention, this does not require permission from the person in question.

The Process

Once you make your Distance Healing by Donation request, and after Brad emails you to give you your Estimated time for completion, after Brad completes the healing, he will reply to you by email and will include a recorded MP3 summarizing the healing done for you, and any additional advice needed to assist you further with the healing, or to prevent any such condition from returning to you.

A photo of yourself is mandatory in order for Brad to complete a Distance Healing by Donation request for you. Instructions will be provided to you by email to send your photo once you have made your donation request for healing.

What type of healing takes place?

Brad Johnson communicates directly with the Higher Self and works directly with Spirit healing to identify the condition, and through the Higher Self, releasing the condition and absorbing the power of Spirit into the one receiving the healing. 

Please no intuitive reading requests as such requests are for private sessions. This is for distance healing ONLY.

Reminder: Only one healing request per donation please, thank you.

Distance Healing

By Donation Form

Thank you for your donation! Brad Johnson will be contacting you by email within the next 24 hours to confirm your donation and request, and provide an estimated time for completion. Thank you!

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