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Distance Healing Session

A Distance Healing Session offers you to submit up to 3 areas that you would like to have worked on through a remote healing performed by Brad Johnson. Distance Healing Sessions are done offline, so no personal interaction is necessary. Once healing is completed, you will receive an MP3 summary by email from Brad Johnson detailing the results of the distance healing.


Please use the form below to fill in your details, purchase your session and submit. Once submitted, Brad Johnson will reply to you within 24 hours regarding your Distance Healing Session.

NOTE: Please be aware that Brad Johnson is not a medical professional and does not and will not offer any medical advice through a distance healing. This session is for energy healing and only advice pertaining to energetic healing will be shared through an MP3 summary. Thank you.

Distance Healing Sessions focus on only one person per session.

Distance Healing Order Form

$33 CAD per session


Upload a photo of the one receiving distance healing (Optional)

Upload File

Thanks for your order! Brad Johnson will reply to you within 24 hours to confirm your session and arrange a date/time to complete your session.

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