Private Email Sessions

NOTE: Brad has ended his channeling with Adronis as well as Akashic Record offline sessions that went into effect on August 31st, 2021.  Brad is now communicating with his clients directly through Spirit which involves no channeled or altered state of being revealing greater insight into sessions. Thank you.

This is a service offered for those who wish to receive insight through the convenience of email responses and may not be comfortable with phone or Skype sessions. Through these Private Email Sessions, you can ask detailed questions through the plant you choose that will be submitted to Brad Johnson for reply. This works very similar to a standard private session, only instead, you are receiving an MP3 recorded response from Brad Johnson personally that will be sent to you by email.

NOTE: Please be aware that should you have very deep, specific questions, it is HIGHLY recommended that you look into booking a private session by Skype/Phone as these welcome more detailed personal interaction. The Private Email Session is designed more for simplistic questions and they can only be answered on what you "specifically" ask within the question.

The Process

Once you have made your purchase for the Questions by Email Session, you will receive a PDF attachment by email providing instructions on submitting your questions and requirements for the session.​ You can ask up to a total of 3 questions per email session.

Once your purchase has been made, Brad Johnson will be contacting you within the next 24 hours to confirm your purchase and arrange an estimated time of delivery for your Questions by Email Session.

Common topics:

  • Spirit Communication

  • Stillness, Silence and the Self

  • Distance Healing for yourself or another

  • Inner work and energy exercises

  • Personal Soul guidance

  • Business guidance and forecasts

  • Aligning to God/Spirit/Source

  • Personal Self-Guidance training

  • Deep Universal Teachings/Guidance

  • Meditation enhancement practices

  • Universal knowledge/Reality mechanics

  • Extraterrestrial/Star Lineage connections

  • Dream guidance and interpretations

  • Manifestation guidance/insights

  • Emotional/Trauma Healing

  • Duality and Non-Duality

  • Soul, Oversoul and Spirit

  • Self-Realization, Self-Inquiry & much more!

(All prices are in Canadian funds and can be purchased through any currency via PayPal.)
  • IMPORTANT: Please do not ask questions that would be in conflict to your own free will. Examples: dates/events that would involve you or others' passing, lottery questions or questions pertaining to strategies in acquiring large fortune. These questions are taboo and cannot be answered as your free will is not to be infringed upon or violated. This policy is strictly upheld by Brad Johnson and

  • IMPORTANT: Please do not ask questions regarding life purpose. This is a question nobody can answer outside of yourself. If you're uncertain of your life direction, please be specific in your questioning regarding help with life direction.

  • IMPORTANT: Any questions regarding a prediction of your life expectancy or the life expectancy of others will not be answered by Brad Johnson or Adronis.

  • NOTE: Brad is not a doctor, but a healer. Please keep your healing based questions simple if you can so that responses can also be clear and easy to understand. Thank you.

  • NOTE: Past and Future Lifetimes through Akashic Records are not available through a Questions by Email session. Only through an Akashic Records session or  60 Minute Private 1 to 1 session.

  • NOTE: Please remember also that insight can only be provided based upon how you phrase the question. If a question is simple, odds are you will receive a simple response. By providing sufficient detail to your questions, this can produce more detailed replies. insight received is a mirror reflection on how you ask your questions.

  • NOTE: Please ensure that your selected number of questions are the only amount of questions asked for your session. For example, if you purchase a 1 question session, but ask multiple questions in the paragraph, only the first question asked will be answered.