The Inner Self Intensive

What is the Inner Self Intensive?

The Inner Self Intensive is an in-person workshop where practical group exercises and demonstrations will reveal the hidden capabilities within ourselves as masterful creators. These exercise include:


  • Switching off the ego mind and activating the God mind (Higher self)

  • Commanding reality through synchronicity

  • Aligning to the thoughts and feelings of others as an empath

  • Creating empowering symbols to calm, heal and rejuvenate the body

  • Reprogramming memory and substituting personal timelines (karmic reset)

  • Intuitive communication with trees, plants and your environment

  • Blindfolded inner sense demonstrations

  • Conscious bi-location through symbols

  • Spirit guide summoning

  • Thought form guardian creation

  • Astral healing grid visualization and much more!

All exercises are personally instructed by Brad Johnson: professional psychic and spiritual teacher with over 10 years of experience who has personally created and demonstrated each of these methods.

These exercises are specifically designed to develop a strong sense of self-trust, confidence, willpower and wisdom to radically transform your life in every way possible. Once you understand the capabilities you hold within the inner self, the world becomes lucid to your commands as a masterful creator in touch with the God mind.

Through the Inner Self Intensive, we guarantee that all of our participants will leave the workshop a transformed person or your money back!

About the Instructor: Brad Johnson

From psychic ability, channeling, healing, spiritual teaching, dream interpretation, the Akashic Records and more; Brad Johnson has developed these abilities to better understand how reality interacts with us on a personal and collective level. Brad has shared his full circle knowledge with people from all over the world reflecting his empowering spiritual journey for over a decade. Brad shows us how we can form an intuitive relationship with the reflections of reality so that we can attract outcomes that serve our true aligned nature. Brad holds a natural conscious ability to connect with what could be called the higher mind, higher self or universal consciousness. He refers to this as the "Higher Mind State" as Brad possesses a natural ability to perceive and convey universal knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Brad Johnson has been featured in both issues of Newsweek's special edition of Spiritual Living and Spirituality Now.

He has given great insight on the nature surrounding lucid dreaming and dream interpretation, plus his own experiences as a conscious channeler and how others are able to connect and communicate with spirit.


Brad Johnson will be featured in the upcoming documentary, "They Call Us Channelers" produced by Kevin Moore from the Moore Show.

Brad Johnson will be speaking on his own background beginning as a channeler and will be sharing some riveting insight as he channels Adronisfor the documentary.


Brad Johnson co-stars in an upcoming Vice TV series called "Mr. Tachyon" debuting in July of 2018. 


More on the Inner Self Intensive Exercises

Through the audio player below, Brad Johnson goes into more detail regarding the practical group exercises that you'll experience at the Inner Self Intensive workshops!

Introduction to the Inner Self Intensive Exercises - Brad Johnson -
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Inner Self Intensive Upcoming Events

Saturday, August 11th, 2018 - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Stanley Park

Join us for our inaugural Inner Self Intensive Full-Day Workshop in the heart of Vancouver, BC, Canada located in beautiful Stanley Park. The Stanley Park Dining Pavilion's Salmonberry Room will host our event where we will be surrounded by beautiful nature which will also play a part in our practical group exercises.

Event begins at 10am to 6pm and doors open at 9:30am. Please be sure to print out your ticket or have it ready to view on your smart phone or tablet for entry.

FULL-DAY SCHEDULE: Click here to Download PDF.

Admission Bonus Package

Our special admission bonus offer is available until August 3rd and includes:

  • Entering the God Mind Guided Meditation ($29 value)

  • FREE access to the Pre-Inner Self Intensive Teleseminar two days before our scheduled workshop ($50 value)

Bonus packages will be sent out to our Early Bird registrants within 24 hours after purchase.

Admission Purchase

We can gurantee that you will leave the Inner Self Intensive transformed, or your money back!