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Brad Johnson Long Bio


Brad began his spiritual journey in August of 2008. With the idea of creating a fascinating science fiction novel  that was based around the presence of extraterrestrials and what would happen if they came upon Earth today, Brad wanted this novel to be very authentic and truthful when it came to this theme of story, so he began to do some intense research on experts, contactees and channelers to hear their viewpoints on life beyond our world. Brad's research on the extraterrestrial presence revealed some very extraordinary findings: many ETs are human in appearance, they are highly spiritual and base their existences on becoming one with an infinite creator. He also discovered that through meditation, many people are able to communicate with these beings beyond our world and receive profound galactic/universal insight.

This research was astonishing to Brad and he could feel an immense transformation beginning. These discoveries caused him to begin a personal journey that started with simple meditation. Brad decided to put his novel aside and devote his focus towards a pursuit that had been lacking throughout his entire life: re-gaining his spiritual connection to all things.

Brad began meditation by taking out a book from his local library called "Learn To Meditate: A Practical Guide to Self Discovery and Fulfillment". Brad read this book from front to back within about 5 days. He performed many of the methods contained within the book and for the first time in his life, he began his journey into meditation. Brad's discoveries through the meditative state were astounding. He could feel his entire body reacting to the centeredness of meditation. He could feel his energy field tingling, growing, expanding, spinning, tilting as well as feel every part of his body becoming enriched with divine universal energy.

Through his dream state, Brad was experiencing profound encounters with higher dimensional entities that were completely without any known form. He encountered what could only be explained as "non-physical classrooms" where he was being downloaded with astonishing information ranging from a variety of different topics: from the properties of oneness and universal mechanics to the understanding of self empowerment and the creation of all life. Brad had awoken with inspiration filling his being as everything relating to the expansion of humanity and reality that was not being commonly discussed throughout popular mainstream sources.

It was through these profound discoveries that Brad decided to create an online community that comprised of psychics, intuitives, healers and metaphysical experts/seekers. Throughout this community, Brad was able to get further involved through his exploration of expanded consciousness and began to learn through many others' techniques ranging from channeling, extra sensory perception development and energy healing. Throughout the weeks that went by, Brad was developing his skill through the process of automatic writing: the ability to communicate with an extension of one's own consciousness through the mediumship of writing or drawing. 

Throughout many of Brad's conscious contacts with other consciousnesses via automatic writing, Brad received advice from one of his channeling mentors to direct his energy towards the star known as Sirius A, otherwise known commonly as the dog star as there was a feeling of a message that was looking to come through. Brad tuned into the energies of Sirius A and this was the first contact he had with an entity known as Adronis. Adronis began his association with Brad under the means of a soul contract. This entailed that this other consciousness extension of Brad residing from the fifth density plane of Sirius would act as a mentor for him as he worked to expand himself further through his channeling ability.

Throughout the months ahead, Brad was able to channel Adronis further not only as a benefit to his own learning, but for the benefit of others as Adronis was willing to share his profound knowledge and inspiration with anyone who would be in resonance for contact. In the summer of 2009, Brad transcended his ability to channel from automatic writing into vocal dialogue channeling. Brad found this method to be much more convenient as it formed a personalized relationship between him, Adronis and others that were in resonance with Adronis' energies.

Between the years of 2009 and 2010, Brad was also expanding his knowledge in many different avenues alongside his ability to channel. In 2010, Brad founded his very own energy healing system known as Symbol Release Healing. Brad was also fascinated relating to methods that allowed him to connect directly to the Akashic Records. The process was somewhat similar to the nature of channeling, and within a short period of time, Brad became very proficient at accessing energetic data from the realms of the ether within an Alpha brainwave state.

Throughout the upcoming years, Brad was offered to join several seminars and conferences along the west coast of North America: from his local area of Vancouver, BC, Canada to Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and many regions across the state of California. Throughout the span of December of 2009 to the approaching end of 2012, Adronis has shared a vast degree of knowledge and wisdom through Brad regarding a broad range of subject matter: personal and professional transformation, self empowerment, personal healing, history of mankind, our Earth, galaxy and universe, ET contact and disclosure, the power of paradox, evolution past polarity & much more.

Throughout Brad's ability to strengthen his connection as a conduit functioning as an ally of universal knowledge, Brad had reached the point where he is able to consciously connect to his own soul matrix and retrieve specific subject matter. This ability has been termed by Brad as a "Reality Whisperer." 

In December of 2012, Brad introduced his newest energy healing concept that was developed through his connection to the universal mind. This newest healing system is known as Body Regeneration Healing: the ability to work through one's soul matrix utilizing holograms and one's own natural intuitive state to repair the body and purify the flow of energy through the means of "4D healing".  In October of 2014, Body Regeneration Healing went through various changes evolving itself as "Light Circuitry Attunements," and in the Summer of 2018, further changes to the method have been refined for it to be known as the EQ Method: an instant core healing method that involves substituting traumatic memories through positive reinforcement.

Brad has mentioned on many occasions that there is really nothing special about what he does. It is an ability that everyone has access to.  All it requires is the commitment to live all elements of what such a lifestyle represents. We are all gifted in our own ways and will express our gifts in the themes that best suit us. Brad's job has always been to awaken, inspire and expand, and this is what he aims for with dedication through every person he interacts with.

In early 2019, Brad Johnson was able to make a profound discovery as he received powerful intuitive downloads from within that shared with him his ability to connect directly with pure Spirit/Source consciousness. For years, Brad was used to working with other beings that helped him to bring source information and healing through. However, through this particular download, Brad was able to work directly with spirit and fulfill any wish, intention or command he wished by working directly with spirit. After the download was received, Brad spent several days working on his own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body enhancing it by bringing spirit commands into his life. Amazingly, changes were becoming noticeable. Brad's vitality was increasing, he lost 10 pounds within the span of under two weeks, enhanced his psychic and intuitive abilities, purified the air around him, detoxified his food with a simple command and much more. In the days that followed, Brad offered these spirit healing services to his clients that he was working with daily, and the results of instant healing were taking effect. Brad has officially become an ambassador for spirit and can command spirit's ability at will. He is currently expanding on this ability to develop new tools to help others achieve deep healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

In the Fall of 2019, Brad Johnson unveiled a brand new spiritual technology known as the Healing Code Cards. Using the power of sacred geometry and Spirit/Source energy, Brad was able to create a profound healing tool using cards that are specifically designed to detoxify the body, eliminate viruses and toxins as well as uplift the body into higher states of vitality. More information on Brad's Healing Code Cards can be found on the official website:

Brad Johnson Short Bio

Brad Johnson is an ambassador for Spirit: one who works directly with spirit/source and can command any sincere intention to affect themselves, others and their environment. From psychic ability, channeling, healing, spiritual teaching, dream interpretation, the Akashic records, self-realization disciplines and more; Brad Johnson has spent the past 12 years developing inner abilities to understand how reality interacts with us on a personal and collective level. Brad shares his higher-mind knowledge and spirit ambassador abilities to educate and bring healing to others from all over the world reflecting his empowering spiritual journey. He has discovered how to form intuitive relationship with the reflections of reality to attract outcomes that serve self-governing, mental clarity and emotional balance. Brad holds a natural conscious ability to connect directly with spirit right at the top of creation. Through this connection, Brad can command spirit requests into physical reality and share knowledge with the intention to assist others as they learn how to become spirit ambassadors and work directly with spirit/source energy.

Brad Johnson One Sentence Bio

Brad Johnson is an International Spiritual Teacher who shares simple and profound wisdom through the mystical understandings of the psychic, healing, channeling and metaphysical arts.


The Healing Code Cards are a spiritual technology created by Brad Johnson. The purpose of the Healing Code Cards is to hold healing frequencies that have been intuitively received and embedded within the geometry of these cards and encode these frequencies into anyone who uses them.

The creator of the Healing Code Cards, Brad Johnson is a spirit communicator, psychic and energy healer who has been working deeply within the spiritual/metaphysical field for over a decade.

The codes within the cards are completely invisible. Yet when you begin to use them, you will feel your body reacting to them. The geometry acts as a sacred container to encase the codes given by Spirit and facilitated by Brad Johnson. Similar to how one would have a Reiki session where symbols are used to heal the body. Only in this case, the symbols have no physical substance until they are anchored in place to the card's geometry.


The healing codes are created from pure Spirit Light. Brad's unique connection to Spirit enables these codes to be anchored into the sacred geometry of the cards for the purposes of healing, detoxification, restoration and enhancement.

The Spirit Light Healing Codes are specifically programmed to eliminate specific viruses, illnesses and toxins within the body based on each card's intention. Organs becomes detoxified, restored and enhanced by looking at a card for a total of 60 seconds, placing a card upon the physical body for 60 seconds, or using a card to charge water for 60 seconds and drinking the water down slowly. Although 60 seconds is the minimum amount of time for the cards to become encoded into one's body, longer periods of time can be applied when using the Healing Code Cards.

Reality Whisperer Book

The Reality Whisperer Presents Astounding Channeled Knowledge On Human Origins, The Soul’s Nature & The Mechanics Of The Universe.


Brad Johnson only started out to write a science fiction novel. But what followed was a deep dive into individual and universal consciousness that opened him to becoming a “Reality Whisperer” showing a new way for humanity to live.


Speeding through the stages of research, meditation, automatic writing, channeling and healing, Johnson has arrived at a unique position to bring forth guidance and practices that enable people to clear away a lifetime of debris to access their own soul consciousness, create a new reality, manifest their true desires, increase their intuitive abilities and even gain information from the Akashic records!


Johnson is providing this information by way of Adronis, a light-being consciousness he channels representing an aspect of Brad’s own higher-self, existing within the star of Sirius A. Johnson’s new book Rainbow Wisdom: A Guide to Unlocking Your Reality Spectrum  offers direction on how to be Rainbow Wise—to purify their own light spectrum.


Says, Johnson: “The Reality Whisperer details incredible intuitive knowledge. From understanding the origins of humanity, incarnation, the essence of the soul and the mechanics of the universe; questions that have intrigued us for ages will be understood with great clarity.”


Some of the vital information for readers to be gleaned from Rainbow Wisdom includes:


Work with the will of nature.Develop your empathic abilities.Center your focus on creating an empowering reality for yourself.Interact and interpret the dream world.Connect with the living library of Earth and function as a Living Librarian.Educate yourself about the death process and what it really represents. Harnessing the amazing potential of the human will.Constructing your light body & more!


“Brad Johnson presents us here with a succinct, comprehensive guide to the many layers of our human experience, spanning both the emotional and spiritual realms and their multifaceted elements. Some of the many topics covered are reincarnation, the light body, karma, universal laws, manifestation and the higher mind. Would totally recommend this book to someone just starting out on their spiritual path, or anyone in need of some solid reminders,” says reader Anthony Keovongphet.

The Reality Whisperer allows people to see an ingenious perspective on who we are as human beings, our potentials and capabilities, and what our souls can show us as we access universal knowledge in simplicity.

The Reality Whisperer is available on for $9.99 US, $12.49 CAD in paperback and digital eBook. 

Brad Johnson's Experience Overview

  • Conscious Channeling

    • Proficient in Automatic Writing (2008 - Communication with a variety of beings existing in higher dimensions: ET/Non-Physical)

    • Conscious Vocal Channeling (2009 - Channeling conduit for Adronis)

  • Energetic Healing Facilitation

    • Reiki Level 3 Facilitator (2010 - Initiated by Rose Rivera)

    • Founder of Symbol Release Healing Method (2010)

    • Founder of the Cosmic Breath Group Healing Method (2010)

    • Founder of Body Regeneration Healing (2012)

    • Founder of Light Circuitry Atunements (Formerly Body Regeneration Healing) (2014)

    • Founder of the EQ Method (Formerly Light Circuitry Attunements) (2018)

  • Remote Viewing

    • Proficient in Technical Remote Viewing (2009)

    • Founder of Spiral Akashic Viewing (Configuration of Remote Viewing and Intuitive Premonition) (2010)

  • Intuitive/Akashic Records Reader

    • Proficient in Intuitive Readings through natural trained development (2009)

    • Proficient in Akashic Records Readings through natural trained development (2010)

  • Consciousness Researcher

    • Producer of YouTube channel: selfempowermenttv (2011)

    • Studies on consciousness expansion/spiritual principles

      • Human Spiritual Evolution

      • Consciousness Science

      • Conscious Experimental Case Studies

      • Religious Philosophies

      • Connections to the Universal Mind

      • Sacred Geometry

      • Extra Terrestrials

      • Ancient Civilizations

      • Consciousness expanding practices/methods

  • Mentorship & Guidance

    • 10 years experience in assisting with spiritual advisement & mentorship with large client base (500+ clients) both in channeled state and through naturally attained knowledge (2009)

  • Published Works (In Print/Online)

    • The Lyra/Earth Connection E-book (2009 - Author)

    • Insights with Adronis from Sirius (2009 - Co-author)

    • Adronis Online Phase Courses (2009 - Creator)

    • Citizen of Atlas - Visionary Fiction Novel (2010 - Author)

    • New Human - Visionary Fiction Novel (2010 - Author)

    • A Video Guide to Symbol Release Healing DVD (2010 - Creator)

    • The Iniverse: A Course of Divine Learning (2011 - Creator)

    • Adronis: Levels of Advancement - Volume I DVD (2011 - Creator)

    • Day Zero: The Recovered Diary of a Human Star Being (2012 - Author)

    • Star Being: Uprising of the Id (2013 - Author)

    • Adronis Levels of Advancement - Volume II - Questions from the Internet Collective Consciousness DVD (2013 - Creator)

    • Rainbow Wisdom (2014 - Author)

    • The Reality Whisperer (2016 - Author)


  • Interviews/Appearances

    • Special Guest on Magenta Magik Radio 

    • Special Guest on Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic 

    • Special Guest on Rumor Mill News Radio

    • Special Guest on Myth or Logic Radio w/ Tom Murasso 

    • Special Guest on Awaken To Your Truth Radio 

    • Special Guest on Be In The Light Now Radio 

    • Special Guest on Dream Reality New Earth Radio 

    • Featured Article Writer for Science to Sage Magazine: "The Veil Amongst the Earth is Lifting" 

    • Featured Article Writer for Science to Sage Magazine: "The Akashic Records" 

    • Special Guest on MZ Muggzi Radio 

    • Special Guest on Kevin Smith Show 

    • Special Guest on Positive Power Chat 

    • Special Guest on Spiritually Raw TV 

    • Special Guest on New Normal Radio 

    • Special Guest on PWR Talk Radio 

    • Special Guest on Free Thinking Radio 

    • Special Guest on Seven Chakras Podcast

    • Special Guest on Enlightenment Evolution Hour

    • Special Guest on Human Colony (HUCOLO) Webcast

    • Special Guest on Consciously Speaking Podcast

    • Featured in Newsweek's Spiritual Living Special Edition Magazine (Dream Interpretation & Lucid Dreaming)

    • Featured in Newsweek's Spirituality Now Special Edition Magazine (Soul Channeling)

  • Public Speaking

    • Tour of Love - Unity of Vancouver - Adronis Channeling (August 2010)

    • Portal to Ascension: Shifting Into Love Tour - Irvine, Corona Del Mar, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo CA - Adronis Channeling (October 2010)

    • Adronis Workshops - Sonic Temple, The Awakening Heart BC, Canada - Guided Meditation/Symbol Release Healing/Adronis Channeling(November 2010)

    • Self Empowerment Workshop, The CEED Center, Maple Ridge BC, Canada - Self Empowerment/Energy Healing Workshop

    • Adronis Self Empowerment Tour - Portland, Oregon, Mercer Island, WA - Self Empowerment Presentation/Adronis Channeling (April 2011)

    • Transcending The Veil - Unity of Vancouver, BC, Canada - Interactive Slideshow Presentation/Adronis Channeling (October 2011)

    • Alchemy Event - Los Angeles, California - Adronis Channeling/Self Empowerment Workshop (11/11/11 - 11/13/2011)

    • Portal to Ascension Galactic Remembrance Tour - Southern California - Adronis Channeling/Beyond the Veil Presentation (11/15/2011 - 11/20/2011)

    • Portal to Ascension Galactic Remembrance Tour - Southern California - Adronis Channeling/Cosmic Breath Group Healing (04/09/12 - 04/27/2012)

    • Alchemy Event - Los Angeles, California - Adronis Channeling/Future of Humanity Discussion Panel (04/28/12 - 04/29/12)

    • Channel Panel - Los Angeles, California - Adronis Channeling (09/18/15)

    • Reality Whisperer Webcast live in Turks and Caicos - Turks and Caicos Islands (01/17)

    • In5D - Lifting the Cosmic Veil - Seattle, WA. (03/18/17)

    • Leveling Up - Quantum Healing Workshop - Seattle, WA (03/03/18)

    • Channeling Development Weekend Workshop - Tokyo, Japan (06/17) & (04/18)

    • Light Circuitry Attunement Training Course Level 1 - Tokyo, Japan (06/17) & (04/18)

    • UNITE Uplevel Your Lifestyle Expo - Adronis Channeling (November 2018)


  • Film/Television

    • Untitled 2012 Documentary Film Project - Featured speaker: Sharing perspective on 2012 & Channeled Adronis

    • Magikal RV Tour Documentary - Featured Speaker: Speaking on higher consciousness integration

    • O World - Featured speaker: Channeling Adronis

    • Those Who Seek (Independent Film) - As himself channeling Adronis

    • The Inbound: Interception - Creator/Producer/Writer/Co-star - As Lar.

    • Mr. Tachyon S01E01 - Viceland TV/City TV - Featured speaker: The Tummo technique.

    • They Call Us Channelers Documentary - Kevin Moore and the Moore Show - Featured speaker: channeling Adronis.

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