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Nutrition and Genetic Scan Session

The Nutrition and Genetic Scan can be purchases as an add-on component of the Full Body Source Healing Session where it is available at a discounted rate, or it can be purchased here as a standalone energy healing session. If you wish to purchase it as a Full Body Source Healing Session add-on, please visit the Full Body Source Healing Session page.


The Nutrition and Genetic Scan Session reveals which vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are active or depleted within your system. It also looks into the areas of blood/sugar levels, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and electrolytes within your body. The Genetic scan portion of the session looks into the 5 Methylation Genes that aid in the refinement of essential raw materials for the body. When compromised by mutation, the body can be rendered ill both physically and emotionally by the toxins that flood the internal bodily systems. When this is detected, Brad Johnson imbues the Source Center Vibration through intuitive healing to assist in the repair of the 5 Methylation Genes aiding in recovery with additional recommendation in taking certain supplements that will finalize the repairing process of the Genes. The successful repair of the 5 Methylation Genes result in the reduction and elimination of common ailments such as brain fog, fatigue, ADHD, autism, insulin resistance, bloating and gastrointestinal conditions, anxiety, depression, addiction, and much more.


Please be aware that this is not a medical scan nor a medical practice, but an intuitive energy scan of the body and energetic healing assistance to help you become aware of what nutritional factors that are present within your body, and an intuitive outlook of the bodily systems, and these essential methylation genes.


New Earth Teachings does not medically diagnose, nor provide medical advice, nor make medical claims on any session if offers. 

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Nutrition & Genetic Scan Session

Session cost is $77 CAD

Please upload an image of the person who will be receiving assistance from this session. (Selfies or full body images are accepted)

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Thanks for your order! Brad Johnson will contact you within the next 24 hours to confirm your session and arrange a completion time.

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