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Full Body Source Healing Session

The Full Body Source Healing Session's Nutrition Scan add-on is available ONLY if you have already purchased a Full Body Source Healing Session and would like to add-on the Nutrition Scan to the session. If you have not ordered a session and have ordered only this add-on your payment will be refunded back to you.


The Nutrition Scan is an add-on option for the Full Body Source Healing Session which reveals which vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are active or depleted within your system. It also looks into the areas of blood/sugar levels, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and electrolytes within your body. Please be aware that this is not a medical scan nor a medical practice, but an intuitive energy scan of the body to help you become aware of what nutritional factors that are present within your body, and an intuitive outlook of the bodily systems.


New Earth Teachings does not medically diagnose, nor provide medical advice, nor make medical claims. 

Full Body Source healing Scan Nutrition Scan Add-on Order Form

Nutrition Scan Add-on is $55 CAD.

Please add the first and last name + email of the original Full Body Source Healing Scan order.


Please upload a photo of the one who will be receiving the Nutrition scan.

Upload File

Thanks for your order! Brad Johnson will be replying to your add-on order within the next 24 hours. Thank you.

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