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Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson

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Effective June 20th, 2023, Brad's available hours will be:

Tuesdays at 10am-12pm AND 4pm-6pm Pacific Time

(Pacific Time = GMT -8)

Brad Johnson is an internationally recognized spirit communicator, healer and spiritual teacher who has been working with thousands of people from all over the world for the past 15 years. Brad is also the vessel for the higher dimensional intelligence known as Adronis. Through thousands of private sessions with clients from all over the world as well as many seminars held internationally, Brad's connection to Spirit enable insight on any topic, as well as Brad operating as a Spirit Operator helping clients to connect to any intelligent entity of their choosing!

Receive intuitive guidance, knowledge and profound insight from the higher mind that's unlike anything you have experienced before with a Private 1-on-1 Session with Brad Johnson. 

Through the amount of time purchased, you are able to speak on a wide variety of subject matter of your choosing: from personal self-development to generalized information. With Brad's higher spiritual states of being and accessing a vast amount of universal information, you have the opportunity to embark upon a truly remarkable and transformative personal experience unlike anything you've experienced before!

Even though Brad holds strong intuition communicating through Spirit, it is wise not to think of him as a psychic or fortune reader, but as a guide who can help you unlock yourself so that you can be astonished by what you are able to achieve through yourself by following simple practices, methods and teachings that Brad provides. Brad's intuition mainly works to show you the secrets of how you are able to live a peaceful and divine life as you discover the conflicts/regrets that remain within you. As you discover that, you will know how to dissolve them, and the transformation that follows will be profound. Matters regarding the body and the mind are only skin deep, but when you let Brad guide you and show you what you are capable of, the guidance you receive will change your life.

Types of Sessions: Brad offers personal guidance himself, as well as through the intelligence known as Adronis who can provide answers to your questions on any topic. See more info below regarding Adronis requested private sessions. Brad also offers healing sessions should you require it: distance healing or inner release healing known as the Abidance method.

NOTE: Brad Johnson does not offer any form of legal advisement (court cases/battles), or financial advisement (stock markets, investments) through his sessions. Questions surrounding these topics will not be looked into through a session. Thank you.

Purchase Sessions

Only single quantity session purchase per customer please, no multiple quantity session purchases unless you are ordering a session for another person.

Sessions are available in 20, 30 or 45 minute time slots. All prices are in Canadian funds.

After your purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF in your email receipt providing instructions in how to book the day/time for your session. Brad Johnson will also be contacting you by email within the next 24 hours to confirm your session. Please select the session you prefer:

NOTE: Please be aware that Brad Johnson is not a medical practitioner and does not nor will not offer any medical advice or answer medical based questions. Brad is an energy healer and information shared will only be based on energetic healing, frequency, vibration and metaphysical advice relevant to any related inquiries given. Thank you.

Brad as a vessel for Adronis:

Brad has been the vessel for the higher dimensional intelligence known as Adronis since December of 2008. Brad began his early years learning how to channel Spirit through altered states of consciousness. While entering a meditative state, Brad was able to integrate himself with the entity known as Adronis. A personal guide and an aspect of Brad's own higher self that aided him in his own spiritual journey and personal evolution. When Adronis communicates through Brad, Adronis's intelligence is insurmountable and the amount of knowledge he shares cannot be calculated. Up to the present day, Brad still is truly amazed at the accuracy, articulation and sheer brilliance of Adronis's transmissions as he speaks through Brad speaking on a plethora of different subjects that seem unending. Adronis, communicated through Brad, is available through a private session upon request.

Tarot Reading Option:

Brad also offers tarot spreads for your questions that are now available in sessions as an optional feature. Ask for this feature if interested prior to your session time.

Cord-Cutting Feature:

This is another feature that is available through a private session as Brad guides you through a meditative state to help cut emotional cords pertaining to yourself or other situations you're struggling with. Ask for this feature if interested prior to your session time.

Other Common Topics in Private Sessions:

  • Communication with Adronis

  • Akashic Record insights

  • Stillness, Silence and the Self

  • Distance Healing for yourself or another

  • Inner work and energy exercises

  • Personal Soul guidance

  • Business guidance and forecasts

  • Aligning to God/Spirit/Source

  • Personal Self-Guidance training

  • Deep Universal Teachings/Guidance

  • Cord cutting instruction practice

  • Meditation enhancement practices

  • Universal knowledge/Reality mechanics

  • Extraterrestrial/Star Lineage connections

  • Dream guidance and interpretations

  • Manifestation guidance/insights

  • Emotional/Trauma Healing

  • Duality and Non-Duality

  • Soul, Oversoul and Spirit

  • Self-Realization & Self-Inquiry

  • Tarot Readings

  • The Abidance Method & More!

Videos of Brad Johnson and Adronis

In a private session, Brad's conscious connection with the Higher Mind is a divinely powerful experience where he will interact with you in similar fashion to an intuitive reading. Brad connects naturally to your own higher mind and a strong energetic dialogue begins helping you on any questions you have: personal or general in nature.

Session Topic Examples

ANY topic and ANY question can be shared within a session

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the distance healing work through a session?​

A: Any physical, emotional, mental conflict(s) you have can be addressed and worked on through the session. Light codes are transmitted through Brad from Spirit and placed by command into your energy body where effects of healing can be instantaneous or gradual depending on the individual. Length of time depends on the area(s) focused on, and with time remaining, questions can be addressed with Brad on any other topic. If you have a request for another to receive distance healing, you will be guided how you can assist in the distance healing for that other to assist with areas (mainly on the physical level) that the other is going through.

Q: How does the Akashic record reading work through a session?

A: Brad works with your energy and receives information directly from the Akashic records. This can be based on a past or future lifetime or additional information regarding your soul archive and all information is provided to you through Brad from the consciousness of the Akashic Records.

Q: Are these private sessions a type of psychic reading? Can my future be predicted?

A: Although such intuition/sensing of energy is used within a session, it is not labeled as a psychic reading per se. It is more so for the purposes of teaching the nature of self empowerment and the understanding of bringing many concepts to light that have been kept unseen through one's beliefs. Each question is a question of validity to help understand what one's past and/or future reveals for them through the conduit of mentorship. The future is never set and the task of a private session is to inform you of a variety of futures that help you understand where you would like to journey rather than being told about only one set path.

Q: What if I don't use up all of my time for a session?

A: Reserve time can be made available for 30 minute sessions and need to have a minimum of 15 minutes of reserve time remaining. For example, if you only use 15 minutes out of a 30 minute session, then the remaining time can be used for a free follow-up session using those available minutes leftover.

Q: Should I prepare questions for my session and send you the questions I want to ask?

A: You can certainly prepare your session in any way you deem appropriate. Should you require any assistance on preparing questions for your session, please feel free to contact Brad through our contact page.

Q: Are refunds available?

A: All sales on products and sessions through New Earth Teachings are final and are non-refundable. When you make a purchase through New Earth Teachings, it's an exchange of sincere value and showing that you are serious in developing yourself through all that we offer. However, credit can be established and one purchase can be substituted for another service of equal value or even exchanged with another through the permission of Brad Johnson and New Earth Teachings. For more information, please look over our Terms and Conditions.


"Thanks to Brad and Adronis I have been able to make great spiritual advancements. In one example, I have had a difficult time consistently working on my meditative practice since I began a more active focus on my spiritual development when I was 11 years old. I struggled to find the motivation and will to focus on daily meditation even though I was aware that is was one of the best things for me and despite the fact that I practiced and self-studied spiritual material on a daily basis. After our session, I finally found the motivation and will to incorporate meditation; as a matter of fact, deeper meditations into my daily lifestyle. I gained much more confidence in my spiritual practices in general thanks to very specific actionary advice. I was better able to identify more optimal paths in fact. I was able to realize a greater and deeper level of self-understanding which has led me onto a less distorted path in pursuit of living my life on an optimal timeline. I look forward to working with Brad and supporting his work further in the future. I didn’t expect much in our follow-up session, however, he and Adronis went above and beyond the call of duty to give me the best guidance and insight they could. I am eternally grateful that they have helped to counsel me onto a fast-tracked spiritual develop and creator’s path both directly and indirectly."

~ Rocky Teders

"My session with Brad was amazing, I feel extremely grateful as well as surprised at how fast my questions were answered. I feel a sense of peace after my session as I'd learned many different things about myself. The healing part of the session was incredible and I felt better immediately. I will be doing this again!"

~ Sarah Bresman Cosme

"I was blessed to have a 30-minute session with Brad. We jumped right into it, and I'm still processing all the synchronicities that came up in the dialog.  I had a mysterious visitor in my youth, and after a quick description Brad was able to confirm what I had suspected for so many years.  We moved onto my health, and we utilized an unexpected, but not surprising (for me) method of Light Codes to address specific issues. I was delighted to feel the presences of my higher aspects flooding in. It reminded me of the pleasant feeling of a soothing rain on a hot day. Specifically, we did a light code to enhance my natural gifts.  Like it was on queue, the subtle communications I've always known came to me magnified.  A quick ringing in my ear to be specific, but it actually made me shake my head a bit since it was much stronger than I've been used to. It's been 2 days since I received my light codes addressing severe issues, and I've been delighted to feel them doing their work. Some was quick relief, but feeling my body adjusting is truly fascinating. 


We also addressed some animals that I'd been not fully reaching my communication potential with, and the wisdom that came through was absolutely helpful.


Brad is very easy to communicate with.  Not a moment was not utilized to its fullest potential.  The connection was instant, absolutely clear, easy to understand, and left me with much to process.  I have been utilizing his teaching methods for some time now with so much success towards my growth. Having just those 30 minutes to connect directly was an incredible, and truly enhancing experience.

Thanks for everything you do Brad! Looking forward to working with you again!"

~Audra Wajda

“I am incredibly thankful for Brad Johnson, Adronis, and all others who have come together to make New Earth Teachings and in particular, the one on one sessions with Adronis channeled by Brad. With Brad, Adronis was able to thoroughly and directly address my questions on every topic I had during our session and they do so in a way that is in simple terms to understand. They are absolutely articulate and speak in an efficient and direct manner, which packs a lot of really good information in a short amount of time; so short, that you will almost definitely want to relisten to the session recording to really process and take in all the knowledge they share. As others before me have stated, I would absolutely recommend these one on one sessions to anyone who has a distinct desire to spiritually advance in this lifetime, regardless of where you feel you may currently, spiritually stand.”

~ Jesus Hough

"Our heartfelt thanks to Brad and Adronis for the wonderful session. The suggestions and insights we gained from the session helped us understand ourselves and the world we live in even more. We look forward to our next interaction."​

~ Robert Grifa

"I'd have to say that having a session with Brad and  Adronis was something I'll never forget.  He simply brings Adronis in just as he does in his videos.  I would recommend writing down the questions you have beforehand, just because I almost went blank due to the excitement of it all. Brad and Adronis are quite informative, even sharing information on how I can kill Lyme disease with Beyond Silver.  This alone was worth a session because I didn't know there was something better than colloidal silver. Adronis definitely confirms the fact that the Law of Attraction is at work for us, all the time. Everything is about frequency, vibration and validation which I'm seeing in my life every day. So much helpful information to digest in this time of my spiritual awakening. What a great source to turn to.  When I was trying to remember a term used by Dolores Cannon, Adronis nailed it right away. Wow!!!  I will take the advice I was given and work on myself first. My only regret was the time flew by and I would've enjoyed more time to talk with Brad. Oh well, next time.  Much thanks and appreciation."

~ Julie Nealy

" I just wanted to thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to connect with you and Adronis. I was nervous and befuddled, but it was a wonderful learning experience. Adronis was very endearing, and very patient with me.  The insight I received helped in the finding and healing of my soul. I look forward to talking with you both again."

~ Heather Smith

"I had to write tonight to thank you, and Adronis, for your assistance. What a difference a day makes!  I am grounded and centered and have experienced a shift that has taken me to a new level of healing."

~ R. Lindsay

"It was a very enlightening experiance for me personally. I couldn't believe how quickly Adronis was able to clarify where to direct my energies on my spiritual path and the next step in that process. Since then things are starting to synergize and I can see how some "light" or should I say vibration is starting to resonate with me. Now my journey continues with more purpose, intention, and direction. The sudent is ready and I think I've already found a teacher. RaYar are you listening? Thank you to Brad, and this groups facilitors for making this happen and the universe for thumping me on the head and making me attend this session. It was my first, it won't be my last."

~ Sally K.

"I was very impressed by how easily Brad went in to the channeling state, and the ease of remaining in that mode.... Another amazing night!"

~ Rolly Patton

"A channeling full of reasons why this is an incredibly exciting time to be alive."

~ Amanda Knapp

" I was blown away by your wisdom and Adronis accurate account of Amos and much needed clarity on other aspects of my life was gained. You both wove together the intricate workings of my life and made a comfortable garment for me to wear. Your service is so unique and wonderful I am in deep gratitude for it, to be able to ask you both questions to which great answers are given is such a grand privilege."

~ Michelle Simmonds

"After a couple failed businesses, divorce, no friends, and stress levels pushing me toward physical collapse, I couldn't find another book, video, or printed information that brought me any relief. I was at such a low point in my life that all traditional counseling outlets were not comprehending of the transformation I was going through after being a devout Christian and then becoming an atheist, only to find enlightenment in between. I knew that I needed direct contact with someone logical yet compassionate, and Adronis' energy and advice was pivotal and transformational. I had to listen to a recording of the session several times to really digest everything! Some key phrases continually come to me in my dreams or throughout the day. My life has drastically eased into peace, control of my thoughts, and confidence in the Source of who I am. Adronis is ideal for anyone fond of Abraham or Bashar's teachings but cannot travel to a seminar or needs urgent help."

- Paul L., Nashville TN

"Recently I emailed Brad some questions not sure what to expect. I was very pleased when I had a response within 48 hours. The email with the audio MP3 file was a great way to hear Brad’s answers and know it really was from him. Each question was answered thoroughly and I found Brad’s responses really insightful and helpful! I think it’s wonderful Brad is sharing his special gift and I would recommend his services to anyone.".

- Chris Kennith, Vancouver BC

"Thank you Brad and Adronis for a wonderful session.  You answered my most heartfelt metaphysical questions and helped me apply the answers to my life.  This session was just what I needed.  I was blown away by the deep understanding I gained during the session!"

~ Mary Krombel

"I greatly appreciate the reading that you and Adronis have given me ^_^!. It has helped me a lot and I am more in touch with my high/future self and working towards that connection more."

~ Destiny Frost

"Thank you very much for the reading. The advice is insightful and full of positivity...I am passing your good word along to my friends, thank you for the consistent good info. I am sure they will find your sites to be as informative as I have."

~ Lainne Patterson

"I translated the last channeling from Adronis, and sent it out with the video to my spiritual Hyve (website) friends (1100 of them!) with your name and website. They loved it. Keep on doing the good work."

~ Richard De Kock

"WOW..This was great...Somehow your every word resonates with me. I shall download this audio later. (I) just listened to it once and it was amazing!"

~ Shahid Khatai

"Hi Brad! Thank you SO much! It is such a gift to be able to talk with Adronis. I appreciate you taking time from your evening to share this with me. It really does mean a lot. I am sending you my love and support with all that you are doing. And, I have to say I am anxiously awaiting more channels from Adronis on Youtube. It is the first thing I do every morning."

~ Malia Krosschell

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