Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis

NOTE: Brad will be ending his channeling with Adronis and will also be ending Akashic Record readings effective August 31st. So if you would like to connect with Adronis or look into Akashic Records with Brad, please be sure to book your session prior to August 31st as Brad will be retiring these particular areas permanently within his sessions.

Private sessions with Brad Johnson will be available 3 days per week

For private sessions, Brad will be available on:

Mondays at 11am-1pm and 4pm-6pm Pacific time
Tuesdays at 11am-1pm Pacific time
Wednesdays at 4pm-6pm Pacific time

Brad Johnson is an internationally recognized channeler, psychic and spiritual teacher who has been channeling the entity known as Adronis for nearly a decade. Through thousands of private sessions with clients from all over the world as well as many seminars held internationally, Brad's connection to Adronis could be experienced as communicating with a universal encyclopedia of enlightening insight!

Receive intuitive guidance, knowledge and profound insight from the higher mind that's unlike anything you have experienced before with a Private 1-on-1 Session with Brad Johnson. 

Through private sessions, nothing is ever off-limits. Through the amount of time purchased, you are able to speak on any subject matter of your choosing: from personal self-development to generalized information. With Brad's higher spiritual states of being and accessing a vast amount of universal information, you have the opportunity to embark upon a truly remarkable and transformative personal experience unlike anything you've experienced before!

Purchase Sessions

Sessions with Brad Johnson are not your traditional run-of-the-mill psychic readings as Brad doesn't really focus on that. Even though Brad does assist you with questions you may have intuitively, or through channeling Adronis, the key to every session that Brad aims for is to invite you into lifting your vibrational frequency to a higher state where the questions you have become known through yourself. Brad works to empower his clients rather than feeling that the clients must come to him to have all their questions answered by someone else.

Brad Johnson states: "I'm certainly here to help with bringing clarity to any issue you may have, but how this is most effectively done is when you can come and flow with me in that higher space where everything is known. When I do my YouTube videos and provide insight on topics, this is all I'm doing. I'm lifting myself up to elevated consciousness and can provide insight on whatever I want, and I want to help you to get to that space as that's the most important thing to witness in a session with me."

Common Topics in Private Sessions:

  • Channeling Sessions with Adronis or RaYaR. (until Aug 31st)

  • Akashic Record insights (until Aug 31st)

  • Distance Healing for yourself or another.

  • Intuitive readings

  • Business guidance and forecasts

  • Spirit communication

  • Channeling/Mediumship personal training

  • Deep Universal Teachings/Guidance

  • Meditation development

  • Universal/Reality mechanics

  • Extraterrestrial awareness/insights

  • Dream guidance and interpretations

  • Manifestation guidance/insights

  • Emotional/Trauma Healing

  • God and the Self

  • Soul, Oversoul and Spirit

  • Self-Realization, Self-Inquiry & much more!

After your purchase, you will receive a schedule booking PDF by email providing instructions in booking your session. Brad Johnson will also be contacting you by email within the next 24 hours to confirm your session. Please select the session you prefer through the options below:


(All prices are in Canadian funds and can be purchased through any currency via PayPal. Below are approximate amounts for sessions in US funds.)

  • 60 minute Private Session (Equates to approx. $180.00 USD)

  • 45 minute Private Session (Equates to approx. $120.00 USD)

  • 30 minute Private Session (Equates to approx. $82.00 USD)

  • 15 minute Private Session (Equates to approx. $45.00 USD)