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Private Group Session

***Please note that Brad Johnson will be concluding Private Sessions and Email Sessions after September 30th, 2022 for the remainder of the 2022 year.***

  • This is a session that involves 2 or more people that will take place online via Skype. This is not a 1 to 1 session.

  • Open Q and A with Brad Johnson for up to 90 mins.

  • Depending on attendance, outline creation can be negotiated personally with Brad Johnson.

  • MP3 recording will be sent to all participants after the session.

Brad as a Spirit Operator:

On August 31st, 2021, Brad Johnson retired as a channeler for the entity known as Adronis. During the month of September, Brad took a one-month hiatus to work deeper in his integration with Spirit. Upon his return to private sessions in October, Brad realized his ability to function as a "Spirit Operator" - One who works through Spirit to connect others to any entity/being they wish: their higher self, or higher selves of loved ones, deceased loved ones, off-world ETs, spirit guides, angels and divine Spirit. Brad takes his client through a simple meditation process and an optional calibration alignment, and through their request, Spirit works through Brad to establish their connection between the client and the entity/being of their choosing to have a personal interaction. Through this state, the client becomes a channel or medium. This entity/being selected by the client can be of anyone of their choosing.

The Spirit Operator feature is available only in private (group) sessions.

Other Common topics:

  • Spirit Communication

  • Stillness, Silence and the Self

  • Distance Healing for yourself or another

  • Inner work and energy exercises

  • Personal Soul guidance

  • Business guidance and forecasts

  • Aligning to God/Spirit/Source

  • Personal Self-Guidance training

  • Deep Universal Teachings/Guidance

  • Meditation enhancement practices

  • Universal knowledge/Reality mechanics

  • Extraterrestrial/Star Lineage connections

  • Dream guidance and interpretations

  • Manifestation guidance/insights

  • Emotional/Trauma Healing

  • Duality and Non-Duality

  • Soul, Oversoul and Spirit

  • Self-Realization, Self-Inquiry & much more!


(All prices are in Canadian funds and can be purchased through any currency via PayPal.)

Private Group Session (Approx. $170.00 USD)

Only single quantity session purchase per customer please, no multiple quantity session purchases unless you are ordering a session for another person.

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