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In Brad Johnson's own words:

"This astounding technique was demonstrated through the Law of Attraction Unleashed course. In all my years of researching dozens of healing systems and methods, I have never seen something that has delivered 'miracles' like the Abundance Attunement technique has.This is more powerful and more simplistic than any other technique that is currently in existence, in my honest opinion. The Abundance Attunement Series will change your life if you are willing to firstly change yourself. If you can agree to the three permissions within the Attunement, I GUARANTEE that you will leave the session a completely changed person free of the impairments that you arrived with, and leaving with a new harmonized version of yourself through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. You'll see it happen instantly!"

What is an Abundance Attunement?

The Abundance Attunement works through your conscious mind as you align to the feeling/mentality of what does not serve you in this very moment. This can be a physical ailment/illness, emotional imbalance, mental block/belief system, or spiritual barrier. Through the Attunement, you are taken through a preparation process to prepare your mind and arrange the areas that you would like to have attuned so that you can experience an INSTANTANEOUS healing effect without the need of entering an altered state of consciousness, or being regressed in any way.

An Abundance Attunement is a variation of different healing/therapudic practices such as hypnosis, NLP, and powerfully guided meditations. The overall process is very simple and extremely effective. You will be amazed at how easy as well as how powerful the Abundance Attunement is. Through many past sessions done with clients, there have been a great many "miraculous" results. Once you complete the course, you may literally feel as if a miracle has taken place.


What Can An Abundance Attunement Do For You?


Through a single session, you can align to:

  • Eliminating diseases and illnesses
  • Losing weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Reducing/Dissolving Alcoholic Addiction
  • Detoxing your body from sugars and harmful additives from processed foods
  • Dissolving Emotional Trauma
  • Developing Patience/Acceptance of Yourself & Others
  • Improving Psychic/Intuitive ability
  • Healing relationships
  • Attracting Financial Abundance
  • Becoming Successful through your Career
  • Reducing Apathy and Become more Loving
  • Improving Memory
  • Increasing Longevity
  • Centering the Mind
  • & Much More!


Outline of the Abundance Attunement Series Downloadable Course


  • How the Abundance Attunement Process works (Technique's philosophy)
  • The Abundance Attunement Prepreparation exercise
  • The Abundance Attunement Guided Meditation
  • The Abundance Attunement Daily Guided Meditation
  • PDF manual on how to effectively use the Abundance Attunement technique and an emotional reference guide to detect conflicts.

Abundance Attunement Series

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