Look into your past and future lives and explore lifetimes from the perspective of the Earth and beyond.


Brad Johnson has been performing Akashic Record sessions for nearly a decade and offers a single-lifetime reading (past or future) completed by MP3 recording and sent to you by email afterwards.


Akashic Record sessions help to show you a greater perspective of your soul's lifetime experiences (life-streams) upon other Earths or dimensions beyond our world. Although we exist simultaneously where everything is happening here and now, an Akashic Record session shows you other lifetimes that you may be unaware of and directly in relationship to. They help to address both challenges and triumphs and can offer insight on where you are in your present life and how you can learn from what you've experienced to enhance and improve your current life-stream path.


All sessions are performed offline (no online interaction is necessary) and Akashic Record sessions average between 5-15 minutes in length through the MP3 recording depending on the personal detail of the life perspective in question.

Akashic Records Session (Single Life Reading)