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The Body Regeneration Series introduces you to the concept of aligning to the Theta brainwave state and using your focused intent to reprogram cells within your body. Through cellular programming, you can apply several different techniques in detoxifying, repairing and dissolving toxins of any kind through the guided meditations provided within the series.

These toxins include:

  • Metals

  • Viruses

  • Harsh bacteria

  • Pathogens

  • Parasites

  • Fats & more!

The Body Regeneration Series is both simple and highly effective. You will also receive a PDF manual that will provide advice before, during and after performing the guided meditations included. This is a course that is available for everyone as you do not have to be highly intuitive to receive results from it.

All guided meditations are narrated by Brad Johnson and are designed as easy-to-follow methods. You will also receive information audio modules prior to each meditation that gives an explanation on the purpose of each meditation exercise and technique included.


Only $99.00 CAD (Approx. $75 USD)

Body Regeneration Series Course

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