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Introducing Law of Attraction Unleashed!

"Ask, and you shall receive..."
There's a better way and a much more accelerating approach to mastering attraction than just asking. You'll know what this is through Law of Attraction Unleashed...

"Get your wish fulfilled through the Law of Attraction."
Seeing your intention as a wish is a distraction. The power you hold through attraction far surpasses the hope of wishing. More on this in Law of Attraction Unleashed.

"The Law of Attraction has the ability to greatly empower your entire life!"
Yes it does... if you understand its relationship with the other laws of the universe. If you attempt to think only of the Law of Attraction as your power tool to manifestation, you are missing a great depth of potential within yourself. This is what causes the greatest confusion through many of the Law of Attraction creators. The Law of Attraction is powerful in association with other universal laws, and this is what makes the Attraction phenomenon powerful through the intentions of its creator...YOU. This will be explained further in Law of Attraction Unleashed.

Through this home study course, you will discover first-hand what areas regarding to common law of attraction teachings are considered shallow and improperly implemented. You will see powerful, proven methods 7 years in the making that will vastly improve the attraction quality of your life as you learn to detoxify your current levels of unwanted attractions. You will bear witness to miraculous new Law of Attraction methods that work through the relationship of 5 other universal laws that are VITAL to helping you become a masterful manifester! You will also be able to experience a simplistic, yet powerful new healing method that will help transform your thoughts and feelings of personal conflict into a miracle of liberated thoughts and feelings as you become INSTANTLY aligned to the manifestations you're looking to attract into your life!


What's In Store For You Through This Home Study Course?


  • Access to a video-recorded weekend intensive containing over 6 hours of PROFOUND information that will assist you in becoming a miraculous, Law of Attraction masterful manifester!
  • Access to additional audio modules hosted by Brad Johnson sharing with you additional tactics, methods and exercises that will greatly amplify your ability to fine-tune your feelings/emotions into a Lightning Rod for manifestations of every kind to appear within your reality!
  • Access to guided meditations hosted by Brad Johnson that will help to balance out unwanted energies, thoughts and feelings and integrate powerful, polished mentalities that will help you to super-charge your manifestations that will be in pure harmony with the six universal laws, including the Law of Attraction!
  • Access to home study documents assisting you in learning how to balance the six universal laws within yourself, integrate a miraculous healing method, understand the Law within the Law of Attraction and take part in the 30-Day Law of Attraction Unleashed challenge!



"Attending The Law of Attraction Unleashed has provided an unexpected perspective on the law of attraction that was immediately experienced. This course begins with fundamentals of understanding how the law of attraction works as a collective with other universal laws, the importance of acknowledging and working with our feelings, and how by being in harmony with the universal laws, it brings a state of naturalness, a process that leads us to the principle of attraction. Brad presents and clearly explains this new perspective with supporting documentation and exercises, which provide a solid reference and understanding."

~ Rafael Ramirez

"Awakening is the transition between silence and the energy of Activity. Great Knowledge will flow along this illumined pathway of light. I was blessed to awaken the law of attraction and to open the flow of manifestation through Brad’ class."

~ Jeanine Bradley

"The Law of Attraction Unleashed is a great course and source of knowledge for those who want to understand more about the true mechanism of the universal laws and the law of attraction itself. Brad comes with some new perspective and understanding of it. He gives crucial keys and tools to fully activate more attraction in our life. I really enjoy the way the course flows with information, documents, exercises, Q&A sessions and lot of humor! This online course is very clear, straight to the point and powerful. After a few days of using those tools, I immediately got what I command for! Truly amazing! The technique is really great, makes total sense and empowers yourself. I can't wait to experiment more of it and play with the infinite abundance that surrounds us."

~ Aurel Puma Yana

Law of Attraction Unleashed Course

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