Light Circuitry Seals are created personally by Brad Johnson through an intuitive theta-state of meditative trance. The circuit seal is created upon paper and scanned onto a computer saved as a PDF attachment for the client. The PDF will also include any instructions either written or through MP3 recording from Brad Johnson. The circuit is printed out and the instructions on how to use the Light Circuit seal are followed. 

Depending upon the intention of the Light Circuit, results can be experienced as quickly as overnight or the next few days. Its important that you keep an open-mind through your intention made and be aware of any related signs and synchronicity that will appear in your reality confirming that your request is underway. 

Upon purchase, you will receive an instructional email from New Earth Teachings. This email will inform you to provide your full name, a photo of yourself and your request. Examples of requests can be:

  • Psychic Attack Protection

  • Enhancing Your Environmental Space

  • Enhancing a Desired Manifestation

  • Enhancing The Energy Body (Chakras, Meridians, Mental/Emotional Body)

  • Resolving headaches, pains, sores and stiffness/tension.

Light Circuitry Seals