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What is Rainbow Wisdom?

Just as one would look upon a rainbow and be in awe of its beauty through the array of colors within its structure, one who holds Rainbow Wisdom can see the beauty of the array of understanding within their own self structure. To be a being of Rainbow Wisdom far surpasses the idea of knowing their self. On the contrary, the premise is that one who has traveled through their facets of knowing to transcend it to unknowing is well on their way to becoming one of Rainbow Wisdom. One of Rainbow Wisdom is that of a courageous soul who dives deeply into the contrast of their own matrix. They do not escape nor ignore pain; they acknowledge it and thank it for being there understanding its nature as a prelude to purification. 

Through this unique and powerful 'straight-to-the-point' book, you will gain knowledge in understanding:

  • How to develop the ego as an ally to expand your awareness in ways completely unimaginable.
  • Attracting and managing thoughts that will bring you into new realities enriched with your personal compliments.
  • Looking into the science of Manifestation and how you can understand how events and timelines are flexible to your conscious will.
  • Develop your intuitive and psychic abilities to improve your connection to Rainbow Wisdom perception.
  • Access the infinite universal library: the Akashic Records.
  • & Much More!

Rainbow Wisdom Audiobook

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