What is the Merkabah? 
The Merkabah represents your "light spirit body." It is a multidimensional vessel that when utilized, opens you up to a greater extension of perception through yourself. The Merkabah holds many different capabilities and is often described as "the Chariot used by the Ascended Masters." Its potential is vast as it can re-connect you to other aspects of your being, re-vitalize and integrate light codes within your energy/light body, carry you to many different dimensional planes of reality and more.

The Merkabah Meditation Series contains over 5 hours of instructional exercises on how you can use this incredible multi-dimensional tool to vastly improve your consciousness! From Merkabah energy healing, enhancement retrieval, aura rejuvenation, trans-dimensional gateway travel and much more!


Exercises included: 
Tetrahedron visualization exercise
Spin Demonstration Video
Achieving Interlock exercise
Masculine and Feminine Tetrahedral exercise
Merkabah Quasi Spin exercise
Merkabah High-Quasi Spin exercise
Merkabah Hyper spin exercise
Merkabah Light spin exercise
Merkabah Phase spin exercise
Discrepancy Spin Mapping Exercise
Merkabah Healing Spin Map Exercise 
Spin Enhancement Mapping Exercise
Merkabah Spin Enhancement Map Exercise
Merkabah Aura Rejuvenation Exercise
Merkabah Trans-dimensional Gateway Exercise
Free Flow Exercise

The Merkabah Meditation Series