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Quotes from Brad Johnson

" Pain is designed to unite within us the opportunity to correct woes, not to cause them further." ~ Brad Johnson.

"Raw knowledge is that which naturally exists within darkness. All concepts untested, undisciplined and un-applied remain within shadow for Shadow Law reveals all to you. It is when such knowledge becomes tested, disciplined and applied that brings refinement to you that such knowledge becomes light. Light has nothing to teach you because everything is taught from your life journey through darkness into the light. This understanding is to demonstrate that you are not here to seek light, you are here to resolve darkness which will naturally refine you into light." ~ Brad Johnson.

"Apathy is felt through defeat, Love is felt through surrender." ~ Brad Johnson.

"To have a goal of attraction is a prudent starting point, but to follow through based only on that principle only becomes rigid and flawed. Much like one who only wishes to see a film for its ending, you miss all the opportunities that make that film a work of art. See the work of art of yourself through the fluidness of coherency, not attraction. To be coherent is to be aware of all that makes you what you are, from the strong triumphs to the simple subtleties. Looking at coherency brings you to a fulfillment in your humanity, revealing your full awareness and connects you as a spiritual being, whereas attraction only serves as a means to an end." ~ Brad Johnson.

"Any version that anyone requires you to be as reflection, let it be so... For you are many things as a continuum of endless expression." ~ Brad Johnson

"Feeling creates. Thought propagates." ~ Brad Johnson

"Liberation is not something sought, it is something chosen." ~ Brad Johnson

"Kindness is the antidote to confusion." ~ Brad Johnson

"Taking a moment to realize your greatness within can clear away the seeking of finding greatness outside that will take forever." ~ Brad Johnson

"In order for anyone to reach a point of fulfillment from within, the greatest addiction will need to become transcended. This addiction is knowledge. To understand this, one must realize what it feels to be fulfilled. It is the ceasing of pursuance because the moment holds the presence of completion with you. Like one who lowers their utensils after being fulfilled from a great meal. There need not be anymore consumption. Consume knowledge until you have transcended your hunger. Once the hunger reaches humility, the emptiness of not-knowing, being all and nothing becomes the gravity of true inner fulfillment." ~ Brad Johnson

"Struggle is just an adjustment of clarity waiting to happen." ~ Brad Johnson

"There is no loss. There is no gain. There is only alignment." ~ Brad Johnson.

"When one is encountering an out of body experience and is on leave for a short period of time beyond the body, this is an act administered in higher conscious states to assist in the balancing out of an extreme that has been prominent within their life. It's an attempt to 'snap back' an alignment to initiate a new journey of consciousness within themselves so that the path in life brings greater clarity, past a previous paradigm of confusion." ~ Brad Johnson

"Confusion is the result of choice that houses the illusory ability of free will. It is natural will that is led by the natural course of the heart. Let there be decision of what naturally feels true to you over what needs to debated or scrutinized through the law of confusion." ~ Brad Johnson

"Contraction is just as much a part of your life as expansion. You will always expand and contract. It is the natural process. Through contraction, you have the ability to see into your own universe exploring areas you wish to align to true nature. Expansion is simply the result of all that has been aligned from within to radiate throughout the universe infinitely complimenting your truest alignment." ~ Brad Johnson

"Whereas being thankful for your accomplishment is powerful, look into what it took to bring you to that accomplishment. This is the true power. Stumbling is a natural prelude to balancing." ~ Brad Johnson.

"The idea of spiritual seeking is no different than one who is wishing to begin their journey outside an immense maze. Through the truth that they learn through others, they only wander the corridors aimlessly not understanding the brilliance of their own truth: philosophies, systems, methods, practices, other people's opinions and ridicules... When this is used before your own understanding of the essence of your true nature, you will only lead yourself wandering a maze endlessly in a state of profound confusion." ~ Brad Johnson.

Start at the center of the maze understanding ESSENCE. The center of the maze holds all aspects to what you are, and what is beyond. Let the essence divinely shape your practices and philosophies, rather than letting the practices and philosophies distort the shape creating confusion." ~ Brad Johnson

"The way you see reality to be is the result of how reality reflects back through you as the creator of catalyst. The demons, the defense, the aggression, the despar; and the love, the joy, the peace, the tranquility and the angels are all invoked through how one perceives the meaning in their reality. There is no other outside meaning other than what you personally perceive your reality to be. There is only your Earth and no one else's." ~ Brad Johnson

"Where there is resistance upon any path you choose to venture in life, its a sign of a misalignment that you had not considered noticing. Check in with yourself and find out what the misalignment is telling you so that it can be acknowledged, forgiven and liberated so that a new path before you becomes born, and you coast with the winds of freedom." ~ Brad Johnson

"The increase of one's own abilities comes from the decrease of one's own inabilities." ~ Brad Johnson

"Remember, forgiveness is not about the absence of what has been your conflict, but the result of conflict no longer attaching to your attention to feed it. This provides an apparition effect where the physical no longer houses its attachments. Only then is liberation welcome into you as an honoured guest." ~ Brad Johnson

"We are all capable of the vibration that designates our validity at every given moment. Like a ripple racing across the water, our frequency is all part of how we can impact our world around us. Where there is frequency that we do not prefer, there is negotiation to remedy it back into our truth purity. Energy is programmable essence, thought is the pattern of meaning, action is the impulse upon thought. Those around you are examples sharing the interpretation of reflection revealing what you do and do not prefer. Choice will offer you the point of purity, as long as you feel you are ready to deserve it." ~ Brad Johnson.

"Morality is a programming influence designed to instill conditioning diluting one's own self empowerment. Through all that is precious to you in life, let it be through the base of your own self value rather than the adoption of beliefs that do not serve your heart's intent." ~ Brad Johnson

"Intelligence does not emerge from how well one remembers what is already known, but by how one can attain natural understanding through that which was once unknown." ~ Brad Johnson

"Freedom will never come from one who is favored to reach a role of illusory power, nor will it come from a longing to dismantle what is known to be corrupt by playing within its own realm of mentality. As long as you see yourself shackled, imprisoned, unworthy, undeserved of liberation, it will always escape you. The world is expressing itself to you through its people, its events and its collective alignment. As long as you see all that is burden, burden will follow. But if you listen, if you realize, if you understand and achieve personal liberation through your own vulnerabilities, the gain that follows will be liberation beyond measure." ~ Brad Johnson

"Remember that there is no such thing as no such thing as experience has no limits to what it can share through the canvas of reality." ~ Brad Johnson

"The key to your prosperity does not lie within a state of success. That is an illusion. Success represents the essence of pride. When one says "I am successful," the greatest fear in that moment is the feeling of being a failure. Failing becomes a bad word and it harms image. It is not to be poor or a failure either as you feel you are incapable of greatness or value. It is bringing success and failure together to become one. To become a successful failure, or a failing success. Through this you have symmetry, you have balance and you have prosperity. The house you own came not from success, but from your prosperity. The money you have came not from success, but from your value. The spirit of who you are that connects with all came not from success, but from your naturalness of being. There is no success, there is no failure, there is only prosperity." ~ Brad Johnson

"Masculine and Feminine energies are not assigned through gender, but are imparted through polarity all together as a regaining to wholeness. Gender holds the experience of polarized archetypes atypically expressed through the upbringing of rigid, doctrinal societal behavior. To be human is to explore the palette of polarities and enrich yourself to become both masculine and feminine as a precursor to the state of androgyny with the full spectrum achieved past polarized separation." ~ Brad Johnson

"Patience is never about stagnation through waiting. To be patient is to learn how to listen. It is observing the way life presents opportunities and moments that you never before fathomed. It is exploration through silence, not through the distraction of expecting, but exploring what has yet to be perceived through you. Let patience prompt you to the discovery of what is yet understood in this moment and be open to the greatest change beyond expectation." ~ Brad Johnson

"The further development of one's own potential comes not from ambition, but from a mind unthinking. Not of a drive towards greatness as a destination, but as the destination that is already reached through a state of humility. Aspects of what contains the capabilities of advancement shows certainty within one's self as already present. Look not towards all that you already have as determination, drive, passion. They are archetypes to become familiar with potential, but not tools to bring potential. Only through the certainty of what you already are can the advancement of authenticity emerge through you at any moment. This is an element of the unlearning process." ~ Brad Johnson.

"Whether you are experienced in any particular system that assists in your growth as a spiritual being, many are contained within the boundaries of that system to achieve only a certain level of insight and knowledge contained within it walls. The key is learning from as many systems that are in relationship to your interests so that they can be unified. It is the connection to full circle integration that assists in our unification to become whole. The ability to become a universal matrix: not just a channel, or a shaman, or a healer, or a psychic. But to be all. A vessel for all universal expression." ~ Brad Johnson

‎"Through all and nothing, this and that, positive and negative, all conjuncts with expression that continues to make the universe what it is. Our contribution to continue infinity is to continue being us through that expression in all forms." ~ Brad Johnson

‎"Survival mentality creates the reality of living in a life of fear... It creates stagnancy and scarcity preventing you from evolving past situations. You remain transfixed in repeating a feedback loop of the same problems taking on adaptive versions of circumstances that continue to repeat as they remain unresolved." ~ Brad Johnson

"If you ever wish to achieve absolute divinity, the journey begins by being as excited as your own kids. When you match their excitement and joy, you are on the level of becoming a divine being." ~ Brad Johnson.

"For one to accuse is meaningless. For one to resolve is divine." ~ Brad Johnson.

"The only thing to lose in this life is illusion. The only thing to gain is the all of what you are." ~ Brad Johnson.

"Your spirit is the artist. Your thoughts are the paintbrush. The Universe is your canvas...With your love, paint away." ~ Brad Johnson.

"You never know nothing. You know what you need to know to gain more knowing by seeking the all-knowing." ~ Brad Johnson.

‎"What one feels he gains through control, he loses through spirit." ~ Brad Johnson.

"Existence through survival brings scarcity. Existence through living brings prosperity." ~ Brad Johnson.

‎"Remember, you cannot spell Revolution without 'evolution.' However, you can always spell evolution without revolution. Everything evolves and it is evolution that creates our advancement." ~ Brad Johnson

‎"All creation brought forward resembles that from within. There is no OUT when you are INfinite." ~ Brad Johnson

"Turmoil only exists based on inner conflict. Once the turmoil is recognized and resolved, it becomes an evolved expansion based on the realization to become the solution." ~ Brad Johnson

 "Limitation only exists when there is an I "can't." When you know you are capable of anything and everything, "can" doesn't follow with an apostrophe." ~ Brad Johnson

"Impossible? No... I.M. Possible. Yes, you are." ~ Brad Johnson

‎"I don't contaminate myself with hesitation, but I enrich myself through possibility." ~ Brad Johnson

‎"Through personable and co-creative circumstances, the key is to see balance in all facets that they can emerge. Others may not synchronize with such intentions of like mind through collective intent. Where this may seem challenging, your balance within your space remains in inspiration upon such measures to trigger intrigue created through a set resolution." ~ Brad Johnson.

"The past and the future are side effects created through the illusion of linear continuity. Let all that you know that resembles perspectives of experience and perspectives of what you wish to be to become magnetized and solidified within you to amalgamate the wholeness that you are on all levels of being." ~ Brad Johnson.

‎"To believe in one's self is to play within an illusion. To know one's self brings you closer to spirit than you can imagine." ~ Brad Johnson

"Positivity serves its purpose as a counter-balance to anything negative within one's life. Bliss itself holds not positivity, but literally balance as you become all aware and re-connect to the Isness." ~ Brad Johnson

"As long as there is involvement, there will be conflict. As long as there is observation, there will be resolution." ~ Brad Johnson

"What happens around you only has something to do with you as long as you believe it to. Meaning can only be meaning from the one who beholds it upon the way of belief. Through unassignment comes neutrality and that is the way of becoming empowered. Be the example through your subtlety to see life in purity, rather than in meaning on all accounts, as this will bring you further to the exploration of all that the universe has to show you." ~ Brad Johnson.

"As long as you remain in control, you remain within a limited, confining reality. When you release your grip on control, you are boundless and all is presented before you." ~ Brad Johnson

"A program is unique. It's resources seem powerful, it's influence, desirable. It's architecture, well structured. But yet, all programs are a design of man and once seen through, no program holds an allure, it is but an archetype in the eyes of one who has seen its design and has chosen to advance past it. It is this that will allow humanity not to function in a program of victims or victors, evildoers and freedom fighters...But equals discovering all of themselves through what they had previously subjected themselves to and resisted against. When there is fulfillment, there is the natural ability to move beyond what is known as a game of limitation moving you further into the unlimited expanse of equality with all." ~ Brad Johnson

"When a problem arises in your life, the key is not to see yourself mightier than it. Or putting yourself on a pedestal with a mantra of "I am greater than any problem." To look at one's self or a situation through a tendency to become greater than it only places you further into a duality of superiority. Fluctuation relating to trouble or bliss will always occur. It is not of the act of always becoming a victor, but of becoming humbled to allow what needs to come so that you can interpret the lesson that is being shown. Being bigger than a problem only leads to arrogance and confusion. Accepting loss and defeat is the very liberation past its grasp. When something is 'trouble', it is only trouble based upon the inability to snap into the lesson it is attempting to share. Being open and listening to what the universe shares through you is the key to being forever receptive so that there is no victory or defeat, only humility communicating with what life has to share with us through the fluctuation of its vibratory process." ~ Brad Johnson

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