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Naturally Keeping Yourself Warm With the Tummo Technique

Tummo Technique

Tummo represents a technique performed within meditation to sustain, and in some cases, increase your natural body temperature keeping you immune to the effects of cold climate. This is a technique that I have not only mastered, but have also taught to others. The Tummo technique was something that I came across while reading online back in the winter of 2010. Since that time, I observed what others had claimed it could do through by watching them perform the technique. I discovered that this very technique is ancient going back nearly 900 years in Tibet. I would watch videos of Monks sitting outside in very cold conditions, often with snow on the ground, be shirtless and stay within a harmonized state of meditation. I would also see people dumping freezing cold water inside a bucket on them and they would remain in meditation completely unharmed by it. During that time, I was developing my meditation ability on an advanced level retrieving information on virtually any topic and furthering my channeling. The Tummo technique was something that was extremely fascinating to me so I decided to begin trying it. In the house I was staying in, when the heat was off, the rooms would get bone-chilling cold. So I turned the heat off and waited a couple of hours until the room was at about 6 degrees Celsius. I removed most of my clothing and sat inside this freezing cold room. The technique I was receiving in meditation involved being seated in a comfortable posture and consciously breathing: filling the lungs very slowly, pausing for a moment, and emptying the lungs slowly. As I did this, I imagined I was a glass bottle with a cork. As I breathed in, I imagined all of the air coming into this bottle that I saw as my body. As I paused, I imagined the cork being placed on the spout of the bottle. As I breathed out, I imagined the air inside the body turning to hot steam filling the entire bottle inside. I did this for approximately 5-10 minutes. As I continued with this visualization, my body felt extremely warm inside. I could feel the cold air around me, but it wasn’t affecting me at all. There were no goose bumps on my arms and I was not shivering in the least. I was able to achieve the Tummo technique on my first try through meditation. I wanted to take it a step further. The next day, I stepped outside wearing only a tanktop and shorts. The temperature outside was about 2 degrees Celsius (typical temperature in early December in Vancouver, BC.) This was definitely going to help me put the Tummo technique to the test. I sat right in front of a tree in the backyard and, once again, performed the same meditation as I did the day before. And, within less than 10 minutes, I was perfectly comfortable sitting outside in the freezing cold not bothered by elements whatsoever: no goose bumps, no chills. Since that day, during the cold seasons, I’ll occasionally go into the Tummo state and feel brilliant warmth inside. Just recently, I tested the Tummo technique while sitting in an ice cold bath. Yes, it felt great too! No goose bumps, no chills. So what’s going on here? Do I and a select few others who have demonstrated Tummo have some type of super power? What if I told you that ANYBODY can do the Tummo technique? It’s true. Over the years, I have instructed others on how they can keep their bodies warm during the cold seasons, and the results have been amazingly encouraging. Yes, this can certainly save you money on your heating bill, but more importantly, it is showing you the ability you have to manage your own inner energy. Through visualization, posture and the breath, you are directing the chi within you to sustain you with inner warmth. Not only that, but others have been able to increase their body heat while within a cold environment. I can’t say for sure if I have. I’ve certainly felt areas in my body heating up, but at the time, there were no instruments to show it. What I primarily aim for is to maintain the warmth within my body as I’m in meditation practicing Tummo. ​ Below are the two videos that I have done speaking about and demonstrating the Tummo Technique.

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