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The Akashic Records

Last night, I attuned my radionics box to assist in helping me access the akashic records so I could enter the dream state and speak with a facilitator of the Akasha and hopefully know more about cosmic history. As I went to sleep, I had an interesting dream that related to the idea of intrusion. The symbolism of the dream represented having a computer/server hooked up to a very large network. Being oblivious to its capability, it began instantly propagating all of this deep personal information in its data banks. But as it did, repercussions began to happen. People were outraged that their own personal info was being stored and shared on this server. It became a violation of privacy and my only way to save face was to delete everything from the server and dismantle it. This led to the repercussion energies to fade and dissolve away entirely. I then connected with an energy of the Akashic Records. This energy was a collective and they gave themselves an appearance similar to a Zhulu tribe of warriors. They looked indigenous and had war paint over their face. They were very respectable to me and I to them, and they told me that they were represented as the Azan (Ah-Zhan). In short, they are guardians of the Akashic Records. I saw them engaged in battle as the landscape appeared it as beautiful jungle wilderness. They were shrieking at beings that were without faces (couldn’t see who these beings were in other words). They were chasing them away and throwing what looked like throwing stars at them. These beings were pillagers of sacred soul knowledge contributed from every being and stored in the sacred realm of the Akasha. The Azan gave me the impression that there are many in this universe who are attempting to invade sacred ground. They could be referred to as cosmic parasites. They disrespect the sacredness of souls and attempt to usurp information from soul records to use for their own base ends. This reminded me of our own state of security of Earth and how we’ve had the NSA spy on us and extract information from our privacy. Well, this is happening on a universal scale: Beings are hijacking themselves into the Akashic Records and attempting to usurp information seemingly for their own means: weaponization, technology, ancient knowledge to be abused. But those that do will have repercussions placed upon them, like what my dream told me. The overall message is that cosmic history is being unveiled naturally to humanity in its own course and that each of us are the puzzle pieces that will eventually lead us into a much greater understanding. But it’s not of the idea to feel that one can obtain information on the cosmos prematurely before they and their respected civilization is ready for it. I did receive some interesting downloads last night and they will play out as they will through the higher mind, Adronis and more. But the overall lesson is to allow natural progress to dictate what can be revealed. Detailed information from the Akasha unveiled too soon is like seeing someone’s privacy ripped away from them, as all information shared is based on collective agreement. When that agreement becomes violated, this leads to the effect of rebound, and repercussions will follow that entity from such violations. This has definitely helped me to understand this whole situation regarding collective information a lot more from the Azan. I think some future videos on this will be in store as it is a deep topic to go into. :) Namaste! Brad Johnson.

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