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Adronis: The Sirians and Their Origins

(Channeled writing with Adronis channeled by Brad Johnson)

Brad: I wish to ask Adronis a little bit more about his perspectives as a Sirian being and more about his culture, and what we would term ancient. How his culture adapted and evolved to where he exists now. We are here. We shall provide information as it relates to what you term as a chronological aspect to our view in the now translated to the common ground of your linear nexus. The aspect that represents our people are descendants. We exist as what you know as a knowledge archive race that had migrated to the star that you would term Sirius A. In our perspective, the idea of this star and its make up functions much differently to how you perceive in your reality. You would say that how the sun appears to you is not how it appears to us. That the veil you experience on a stellar level is not compliant with how other civilizations that co-exist in such a compliant state with us would see it either. There are worlds that exist under the skin of this veil that you as human beings have grown accustomed to via the physical senses. We will say that our race was guided to take refuge upon this galactic nexus, or what you would understand as a star system. If we were to overlay a chronological point to the existence of our people within the star of what you know as Sirius A, you would understand this taking place approximately, 6.5 millions years in your past through the current anchored date of your 2017 year. Our functioning in how we live upon a planet would be no more different than how your indigenous ancestors would exist upon it. There is alliance. There is harmony to all forms of life existing upon the planetoid makeup, in a way. We did engineer the planet to some extent, yet this was a planet that was, shall we say, provided to us by ancestors that we share in common ground. Genetically we are related to these ancestors. Our splicing of genetic habitation enabled a comfortable and compatible way of us living upon this world. The idea of our culture is that we hold technological knowledge, yet it is not the technology that you humans would understand. It is not through the idea of electromagnetic technology, or anything that would operate in vibrational bands of frequency that would cause harm to you, or your nature. Our technology was more in alignment with nature. Resonant fields, hieroglyphic holography, crystalline apparatus. Metallurgy was never used in the development of our technologies. Metals upon a planetary sphere remain intact for its function is to align in harmony with the gravimetric, magnetheric and polaron equilibrium between the sun and the planet in question. Stabilization reasons. Metallurgy is not used by our people. We at a certain point in our history existed as what you would know as fourth density beings. Our population existed in both the subterranean areas of our planet as well as the surface, for harmony was reached in both instances of planetary living. We formed, as you would say, cities, but again, not to the reference of how you would portray or construct. These cities were created of the earth itself and never obstructed any form of discomfort to the life upon it. We mapped temporal alignments that would bring upliftment to our people. Alignments that happened in very rare windows of opportunity. In time, we all collaborated as one and uplifted ourselves to different dimensional domains elevating our consciousness and bodily constructs to what you would term the fifth density. Our alignment to fifth was to dedicate our philosophies and intelligences in service to wisdom. In doing so, upliftment occurred as we became one with a released veil that showed splendor and alignment to universal service. Upon the time of what you term 2012, from your reality construct perspective, we became aligned to what is known as the sixth density where we serve the creative construct on a higher level of being within the fifth construct. It is through the sixth density where we operate more in the capacity of light and oneness service. We also operate with love and transmissions of light, but our goal is to serve, assist and align with aspects of us that are moving into different dimensional constructs as we are as well. Therefore, you could state that the role of our society are to be these archivists that share with you the true law that emanates the construct of connectedness, the service to love, the transmissions of light and the alignment to authenticity that will generate a similar instance in your upliftment to see more of the broader picture as it relates to your own expansion, awareness and evolutionary path. ​ I am Adronis of Sirius. We send you love and deep appreciation. We will now conclude this transmission and return to the conduit. We will speak to you again as now is forever, and all is one.

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