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Adronis on Receiving Heightened Spiritual Abilities

Adronis - channeled by Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson: To Adronis, I ask… There have been a lot of requests from many I’ve talked to as it relates to their passionate intention in receiving heightened spiritual abilities: from third eye activation, to out of body travel and other ascension-like abilities. Many are quite diligent in doing certain practices that could be channeled or shared to them by others but it turns out that many of these abilities do not get developed as they believe they would. Is there a reason why quite a lot of people are not being granted these abilities? Adronis: We acknowledge your query. We will state the intention to grasp profound abilities will not lead to any sense of personal or collective liberation for the human race. In fact, such intentions to activate heightened abilities prematurely before one is aware of other sufficient disciplines would lead more to life endangerment rather than life liberation. Such abilities have been demonstrated by many ancient masters upon your planet since the dawning of your civilization. These masters have spent many years in deep disciplinary practices before they could understand what obstruction was preventing their abilities from becoming available. This is no more different today as you understand time to be then in those times previously. Remember that you are still existing upon a planet of great duality and control. It is also important to understand that many humans who have been born with these heightened abilities are often seized by certain government agencies to function as envoys for particular purposes that are contrary to life assignments that are to serve the welfare of those people and others on this planet. Simply put, having such heightened abilities puts you at risk when one lacks the sufficient discipline required to manage such an ability. It goes back to your own saying: with great power comes great responsibility. We are not saying your species will not receive such abilities as you continue to evolve, but it comes to the responsible and to the adeptly minded. It is not squandered as such abilities can be used for great service or great destruction. This is why it is carefully securitized and monitored by beings beyond your world to ensure humanity’s welfare is protected when such abilities awaken within specific people on your planet. We thank you for this interaction. I am Adronis of Sirius. We will now conclude. Good bye for now.

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