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Life Aspects: Experiencing Each Other Through the Reality Body

Many of us realize that we are interconnected to all that is. All is one, and one is all. But what does it mean when we are all part of each other? What is the practical measure that can demonstrate this as being true? Well, there are many, however; one example we will look at will be looking deeper into co-creative experiences through the reality body.

The reality body is the term used to look at the shared space/time continuum that we all interact with. It is the body of nature and all life objectively. We see the reality body all around us. A reality not of meaning or purpose, but the grand body of reality that is looked at neutrally perceived through actuality. It is the bonding of a soul into the reality body that such a soul experiences their instances based upon the coherent energy of that soul. For example, one who may end up having a 'rough morning' may start interacting with their reality body by spilling coffee on themselves, getting drenched by a passing car spraying a puddle of water on them, tripping over their shoelace, etc. The reality body represents the prop reality that presents the challenges through the coherency that this person is going through this particular morning. In other words: the reality body is the stage, and the actor is bringing the props on stage to life through their own attitude, behavior and mentality causing their reality body to react in a certain way.

The more we spend time by ourselves, the more we begin to understand the way we use the stage of the reality body. We begin to understand our own patterns, habits and tendencies as we exist day to day. Overtime, we become used to ourselves and our presence. This is the understanding of getting to know one's self.

Now let's take another person and add them to this soul's life. We can refer to the original soul as Soul A and the new person as Soul B. Soul A and Soul B can never fully integrate themselves into their own reality because each of us will only be able to fully understand our way of life. As we are the only creator within our universe, another creator cannot impose into our universe and create for us. So in order for us to coexist, we share the reality body witnessing each other's lives as we both play simultaneously on stage.

Soul B feels like they have a joyful life. Rather than feeling rough or clumsy, they bless the space they're in. They say hello to strangers on the street, they skip down the street and people seem to be very friendly with Soul B as they radiate a light-hearted feeling of kindness everywhere they go. Soul A has never seen this before, yet he is witnessing this through his new companion, Soul B.

While witnessing Soul B, Soul B also witnesses Soul A. She has never seen such a person like Soul A who appears to feel very rough with himself. He doesn't bless his space, in fact, he could care less about saying hello to anyone and would rather grumble about how unfair life is and that he's destined for failure. Soul B had no idea that such a person existed, but got to experience a day in the life of what Soul A goes through.

It is through this example that both Soul A and Soul B have both experienced each other's lives simultaneously. One does not have to feel like they are entering another's body and creating for them. No, such a thing cannot be done. But what can be done is the ability to witness another's life as one's own as we understand our connections to each other through the same stage of life experienced through the reality body. The key to doing this is the ability to observe. It is through this observation that we begin to understand the way each instance of ourselves is experiencing life, and through such witnessing, we radiate compassion. Compassion to those who may feel they do not understand how the reality body works, nor how their own life works. One does not need to explain the mechanic of this principle for them to grasp, but rather to exercise compassion and love for those who are attempting to discover who they are. Realization can only be met through the eye of the beholder. Therefore, by encouraging through love the capability of another, kindness eliminates confusion and clarity becomes the alignment for the once confused soul.

See how your reality body shares the perspectives of countless souls that you experience on a daily basis. Take a moment to observe how your reality body is orientated here and now. Our reflections through the external tell us all about our integrity and awareness within the internal. Use the reality body as a guide as you observe others. Understand vaster perspective as a gauge that can help you orient your universe into one resonating harmony for all to witness and apply through realization.

May it be well with you.

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