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Transcending the Confusion State

Transcending the Confusion State

This was part of a greater realization that I had recently discovered that answers a common question I receive: "Brad, if the path of spirituality is based on unconditional love, why are we often told to withdraw from others that don't serve us? As loving beings, should we not embrace love with such people rather than withdrawing?"

The answer to this is that the ability to withdraw from such a person for example is the act of loving that person so that such an action can commence. When you realize that you are moving into higher elevated states that encourage greater love within you, you may notice that being in a relationship with a person who is in the opposite mindset to these love states is actually the catalyst to the stagnancy.

Such relationships are forged by attracting someone into our life through a desire of dependency, or a feeling of needing to complete. Without them, you do not feel complete, and they become a patch to fill a void within you. Its through such confusion states we bring such a person into our life that very slowly will start to disintegrate this intended relationship. You are not in harmony with the love that is within yourself, it must attempt to be filled by someone outside of yourself, and this is setting a timer for self-destruction. It is an alignment chosen through a state of confusion and when you are confused and apply choice, such a choice will implode the foundation you create based upon this particular intention. The universe exists to bring balance. Where there is no balance in decision (through confusion state), there can be no balance through any situation brought into your life.

I elaborate on this further through the audio recording below...

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