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The Empty Absolute (A message of Realization)

In absolute, there is mystery contained within the shadows that we not yet contemplate.

The emptiness that we discard as nothing, holds the greatest secret to ourselves.

We become moths seeking only the light escaping the darkness that is our template to reach salvation and understanding.

Should light not be what we seek? No, for it is impossible to be sought.

The pain, anguish, ego, lust, desire and harm of the shadow is one's gatekeeper to reaching light.

Light is the result of purification, as it is darkness that is to be purified.

A baby must cry for its mother to tend to it, to love it and to feed it.

The shadows one carries is always crying out. Can we be that attentive giver of love?

The absolute holds no form. Yet, is everything.

The emptiness is the alignment to the everything.

To enter emptiness, one is not to be hollow. For what is hollow is only implied by desire.

Emptiness holds no prerequisites of character. No bargaining or demand.

Emptiness is entered without character. Without bargain or demand.

Leave everything behind. Leave all that you believe is known, and emptiness will be your companion. Your entirety. As humility holds the alignment to becoming emptiness.

When empty. You are one of absolute.

Through the absolute, all is known without expressing. Without feeling. Without thinking.

This is the empty absolute. That which is nature residing in all of us when everything is stripped away. The void. The wholeness.

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