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What does a Liberated Human Being look like?

Throughout the thousands of years of spiritual insight, education and enlightenment passed down from master to pupil, is there a generalized understanding on how a human being who has reached personal liberation may appear to the rest of the world?

A liberated human being is as unique as any other on this planet, yet you will notice certain characteristics (or lack there of) when it comes to one who has deeply worked upon themselves inwardly:

1) They are without passion. Passion is a drive we have to accomplish anything we feel we can accomplish. But when you have sought to accomplish everything, you begin to understand how meaningless those accomplishments are to you. To have a passion is to hold an achievement in high regard and apply powerful action towards achieving it. Once you have done that, the passion dies. It transitions and integrates itself into you. It is no longer seen as separate. Therefore, a liberated human being has no passion within their hearts because they no longer see anything outside of themselves. Their bliss radiates from within and all that is represents that pure bliss.

2) They are quiet. A liberated human being does not need to tout their abilities nor their drive, ambition, difficulties or enlightenment. They speak only when they feel it necessary to pass on wisdom to another; but they are not 'sociable.' They enjoy the solitude of themselves and they can certainly co-exist with others, but they are not a person of gossip. They have learned to preserve their energies by not giving energy to the external senses. Many of them will remain in solitude devoid of any human presence. Not because they have any ill feelings towards humanity, but because they see themselves as every human, animal, plant, mineral, element... All that is. And there need not be vocal communication towards such things, only what is felt from within: unconditional love and appreciation to all that exist. Nothing else needs to be said with such a realization.

3) They radiate compassion. The liberated human is without passion and is quiet, but they are a being of deeply radiating love and humility. They see themselves beyond artificial systems and doctrinal moralities and ethics. Those are all chains and manacles that people have adopted to attempt to fit into a program that they themselves have created. Love sees past all boundaries, all conditions, all beliefs. All that remains is love. This love is not merely shared through the presence of company or communication. It is shared by everloving, everlasting omnipresence. You are everyone and everything. And as such, compassion is what your universe is made out of. Therefore you are the simplicity of love and compassion itself.

4) They have disengaged from society. Society as it exists now is of no interest to them. They couldn't care less about anything materialistic. No need for a house, a car, clothing, money. No need for family or friends, since those two are illusionary. The people within our life are always true family because they are each a part of us. The clicks we create with family and friends are hierarchies and special conditions apply to such people seen as family and friends. Others will be seen as strangers and will not be given the same respect as how one would give a family member or friend. This too is a control. And it is something that a liberated being released. All beings deserve his or her love. It is not about family or friendship circles. Such things hold no place in his heart as it is only a division. All are one, and all deserve love equally.

5) They have surrendered the ego personality. They are no longer operating as a personality nor a body. Their body is no more different than looking at a house or a car. They form no attachment to it. The ego has been integrated into a state of everloving peace and has become integrated into their greater beingness. No wants, no desires, no passions, no family, no materialism, no personality. Just beingness. Just isness. Just the absolute. Their state is of totality. Totality of all that is and is not: Being and non-being.

These are just a few of the characteristics (or lack there of) as it relates to a liberated being. Below, I speak more on this topic of recognizing a liberated human being who has transcended the programming and conditions of this world...

May it be well with you!

Brad Johnson.

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