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You have never been stuck... Only walking against the grain.

For many, a common question has been "I'm stuck in life, and I don't know where to go. How do I get unstuck?"

The feeling of being stuck can feel exhausting. One who feels like they don't have any energy left to keep walking this path may sense the need to collapse and not want to move again. But the idea here is that you are not stuck, you are exhausted, and there is a big difference between the two.

The feeling of being stuck would relate to a hesitation in making a decision. You do realize there's a fork in the road ahead, but you become uncertain of where to walk. However, this too is an illusion. One that we will discuss shortly.

But when you are stuck as in feeling exhausted, you haven't really been stuck at all, you've only felt unworthy as it relates to what you have validated is a path for you to follow, when your own true being is telling you this is the path not to follow.

Exhaustion is created by resistance. Confusion is created by uncertainty and questioning of your own value and guidance. Neither represents an effect of being stuck. You've been walking a path that you have been told to walk that is not your own. In doing so, the grain hits you and each step you take towards such a path only becomes more and more difficult to venture. Eventually, you will tire and you will fall, and in some cases, one may shatter and break themselves down. This in itself is all part of a grand teaching as shadow teaches you what is not of your true self to follow.

Uncertainty is the cause of remaining within the realm of logic and reason when it comes to making a choice. One attempts to rationalize where they feel they should walk, but can't make a decision because they have not connected nor dialogue with their heart. Therefore, they remain confused and hesitant, but not stuck. You are not stuck because you can move at anytime, you simply choose not to.

We become misguided to walk another's journey, or to walk a path that may seem logical. Anytime we attempt to do this, you will get blasted by the grain that you're walking against. For you to go through this, realization has not yet come. Where there is exhaustion and confusion, you question it, but you do not answer it.

"What are you saying? I can answer this feeling?" Of course you can. You hold all answers within yourself. You have only decided to appear confused and question why you are tired and confused. You choose not to turn your head to the other side and realize that there is a path ahead that holds no resistance before you. So why walk a path that holds so much resistance.

"Because it's what I thought I had to do."

"Because it's who I thought i was."

"Because I don't want to let someone down."

"Because I will disappoint myself if I don't walk down it."

All of the above are statements of barriers. Belief systems etched into your mind poised by rationality and logical reasoning. Nothing that has been realized by the heart. No heart dialogue and no connection with the true self.

You have validated a path that is not your own. You have validated great suffering in walking down a road of great resistance. You do not see yourself worthy of your own truth and capability, and you have chosen to become exhausted and confused because you have not given attention to the inner world.

When you finally surrender and no longer walk down the path of resistance; when you finally submit and close your eyes venturing inward... the fog of confusion and the grain of resistance ceases. You listen to your heart. It is a subtle thing. A quiet thing... Yet it is the loudest voice of truth you will ever feel.

To feel and to remain in feeling creates immunity to resistance and an antidote to confusion. It is the greatest strength you will ever have with you. Feeling will alway steer you to the impermanence of change and the permanence of truth. You let go of the struggle and it becomes meaningless. Change becomes transitory and you experience a new theme in your life. And it leads you into the path of unchangeable truth. Feeling is an agent of your unchangeable truth. It can never lie nor deceive. Thoughts can lie. Logic can lie. The mind can lie. But feeling holds no such duality. It is you to the most authentic degree.

Are you certain you are stuck? You cannot be, for you are a creator. And a creator holds all answers, all possibilities and all certainty as their essence is truth. Truth will free you past all confusion and all exhaustion when you remember the connection to make within that begins with feeling.

May it be well with you.

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