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Advancement, not Ascension. Unity, not separation.

From the very beginning of my journey that began in 2008, I had heard from so many people within the spiritual community regarding this thing called ascension. While I was only starting to cut my teeth in understanding self-awareness and spiritual evolution, I had asked what "ascension" was all about.

"It will expand our consciousness and we will leave the Earth as pure beings of light returning back into the source of our own being."

"It's the point where we return to God."

"We leave this physical realm behind and return to realms of light. No more pain. No more suffering. It will bring us back to pure love."

From all of my guidance these past ten years, I have developed a strong connection to my own truth, and my own truth has shared a great amount of wisdom with me as it relates to this current shift in consciousness. And what did this truth reveal?

"Ascension is not really the thing that's happening here. It is advancement. The ability to advance into an awareness of multidimensionality. Existing parallel to other realities that become one with the reality you are a part of now. An idea of mastering the ego and aligning it in harmony together with you so you can walk the Earth and experience the multi-faceted understandings of yourself as a vivid being of connection and unity."

There is nothing within that guidance that represents the aforementioned statements regarding what ascension was all about. One may indeed refer to what many of us are experiencing on the planet now as 'ascension,' but we are not leaving what we are familiar with. We are not entering a reality that is a quantum leap beyond anything we could understand. We are not losing the aspect of physicality while still within a body. These are misconceived impressions on the current situation.

I have been stating since before 2012, that we are not going to instantly transform into light beings on December 21st, 2012, nor enter a reality completely different to the degree that we can't even fathom. What 2012 represented was a new theme of exploration within our collective consciousness. The greater curiosity and exploration of our spiritual selves. Yes. The idea that old systems that represented control would become opposed. Yes. Connecting to deeper states of our intuition and inner selves that will become more collectively understood by many. Yes. And the same thing is going to continue to happen throughout the span of these years.

People will transform. Collective events will become more intense because of this spike of inner exploration and knowing, people will come together and agree on what doesn't serve, working together to bring about what does serve. This is all true. But we are not leaving to some unknown reality that will become a quantum leap in our consciousness that will overshadow current human experience. No. What we're experiencing is advancement, not ascension. And unity, not separation.

To become an advanced being involves one who can distinguish between what is their own truth and what is their own belief. Belief is one of the greatest obstacles known to man. Belief is a degree of control that has been pulled over our eyes feeling we must live through what has been programmed into us since youth. As long as you believe in anything, you will not achieve any form of freedom whatsoever. Simply because a belief is not your own. It's someone else's thoughts and opinions placed upon you through one's own naive acceptance. A lack of discernment, will and love for ourselves have allowed beliefs to thrive. For as long as one does not know or realize their own truth, belief will be your crutch. You don't know yourself so adopt a belief to think that you do.

One such belief is the convolution of the common 'ascension' understanding. People want to believe that we'll enter a reality unfamiliar but blissful and have all of our own problems wiped away. That we will instantly, without any effort, be on the same level as a pure God. We won't work on our suffering, the universe will do that for us and we'll be free thanks to this event. This indeed, is one of the greatest acts of distortion fed into a new age and spiritual community.

The universe can never do anything for you regarding application. That is not its nature. It is a holographic mirror showing you, for an eternity if need be, how YOU. SEE. YOURSELF. PERIOD. It cannot 'get rid' of anything for you, because there is no outside to you. It cannot take away your pain, because it only casts back what you see of yourself.

We are indeed an incredible species and our collective consciousness picks up and demonstrates innovation well. But we are still going to be human for as long as we live within our bodies, even when this transitional shift takes us to new heights of awareness that we allow. We are still going to be working together and sharing each other's experiences through the interactions we make. The idea is that there is no "I". There is only we, and we are one. In that statement, we carry each other's triumphs and hardships. Cutting one off and saying 'to hell with him or her', is only going to create setback. As long as we continue to create anything that empowers an egoic response, our reality will continue to shake us with tremors. Advancement is the acceleration that allows us to see the greater depths of our connections to each other through grace, not through egoism. Through humility, not through pride. Through calmness, not through emotion. An advanced being is:

One who has transcended the dogmas of their own beliefs and has reached actualization. One who sees themselves in everyone and everything and has the desire to become no desire, nor anyone, nor anything. A realized soul who's sense of self broadens past conceptualization and condition. One who is connected to all that exists and remains as humble as a flowing river stream.

For this is the idea of advancement. Should you see ascension as you do advancement, then this is the correct interpretation. Look not for quantum leaps nor external saviors masquerading as saints or a universe that equals out to only one polarity. But look into yourself and realize that where you are right now, YOU made it happen. YOU decided to come this far. And YOU are what's allowing you to go deeper into greater realization of what is to be in a state of advancement and exist as a unified self.

May it be well with you.

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