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What is the Nature of our "Immortal Soul?"

Tonight, I was able to perform a channeled writing from my own inner guidance (higher self) as I posed an interesting question regarding the nature of our soul. The following is the transcript from the channeled writing. After, an analysis will follow.

To my guidance, I ask…

Is it so that our souls are indeed eternal, or is there a principle that we have not been made aware of regarding their true nature?

We acknowledge your query. The idea of the soul is that is a manuscript, shall we say, that calls out a specific path to the affair of what lives in this realm you know as physical represents. In a way, it does represent that which is everlasting, but remember also that is too represents archetype. A mainframe of consciousness if you will. For it is a matrix and an manuscript that holds deeds that must be fulfilled. Upon fulfillment comes change into a new application of theme. A theme beyond comprehension that words of your usage cannot describe. For the soul has an orientation of tasks that are cyclic in completion. Much to how a caterpillar will emerge from its cocoon metamorphized into another aspect of creation, so too will your soul upon the intricacies of its nature and deeds upon its make are reached. The soul is in combination the mind patterned with energy. Patterned by the gods of your own make in levels of consciousness unseen. Upon its completion, the essence that you are will become more beyond definition can describe. This is what can be shared regarding the eternity and make of one’s soul.

We thank you and bless you infinitely.

In layman's terms, what is it that this channeled writing is telling us?

The Soul and the Self are an impermanent thing.

This was something also discovered by Guatama Buddha. That the role or nature of what we know as the Self or the Soul is that which is cyclic existing within the ouroboros or Samsara relating to the karmic wheel of time. As my own inner guidance had put it, "for it is a matrix and an manuscript that holds deeds that must be fulfilled." This is implying life paths or the carrying out of tasks/lessons that the soul-self must see through to completion. Upon doing so, the soul reaches graduation beyond that which we can understand held together by the wheel of karma and programmed patternings.

In essence, we are the truest heart of spirit. We have no form, no identity, no true soul as it were. Soul is but the combination of mind patterned with energy through our infinite being of spirit.

The gods of our own make would relate to higher elements of our own being on deeper, invisible creator levels. Caretakers of Source consciousness that administrate the deeds we are meant to carry out lifetime after lifetime as a soul archetype.

This means that walking the path of a true master is to transcend the soul and the self. That it is a complete departure of the universal game of experience as well as perspective. For these all represent distortions seen through a soul-self. For when we return as the purity of being one with God, our essence is stilled. We become void returned to the tranquility of beingness transcending even creation to return back into the Source. The Absolute. The Null. We are the substance that all spirit emerged from.

May it be well with you.

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