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Going Beyond the Creator Sandbox

Throughout a great majority of the spiritual and philosophical circles, we have heard a vast amount of sharing relating to our power as a creator. Yes, it is indeed true that the capability to create and align to that which is inspirational, passionate and honest to ourselves is possible. In fact, there is no greater being than the human being who has the power to create worlds, galaxies, dimensions and universes all through the power of thoughts and feelings.

Yet, it is important to realize that being a creator is NOT the ultimate state of being. To be a creator is to be an imaginative innocent child sitting in a sandbox with a shovel and pail. With those instruments, we can build beautiful sandcastles and tantalizing forms that arouse our creative juices more and more. Indeed, it is a beautiful thing to create... But, when we look past what is a creator, we come to the understanding that the true ultimate state is to be Truth.

Truth is an unchanging, empty, static void where you are complete and total emptiness. Stillness that is forever bliss beyond words. Forever devoid of all meaning, of all feeling, of all responsibility, of all experience. When we read these words, some may feel that this must be some type of boring state to be in. But in actuality, it is the most liberated state to be. To be one with the absolute is to transcend beyond doing. Transcend beyond creating. It is the truth of the ultimate nature which you are now within.

Think of nature upon our planet. Nature is truth and truth is nature. It does not blow a gust of wind based on a state of self purpose. It does not rain for the state of self-knowing. It is elemental as a means of working with the cycles of its own being because nature simply is. For centuries, and even millenia, man has attempted to understand how nature can be so intelligent and determine how it functions with such grace and tranquility. Nature truly is that of a mirror consciousness. A looking glass of observation that shall only reflect back what its children it has produced out of bliss shares with it. Nature is without ambition, without passion, without purpose. It simply exists as a reflection for the creator beings existing within it to express their dynamic senses of experience. Not because of nature's ambition, but because of nature's way. The way of reflection, mirroring and observing as a looking glass. Creation looking back at itself.

So how does one align themselves to the absolute: the ultimate state of being. That ultimateness is already within you. It is to see yourself as empty as a glass. As blank as a canvas. When you become still without ambition, passion, drive, willpower... You will feel the absolute. It is the absolute purity of bliss and surrender. The static shell of stillness that holds creation together. When you return to that space, there is no body, there is no mind... There is only the static of your bliss frozen beyond space, time, matter, dimension, karma and experience.

Continue to create magnificently as a creator. Continue to be that wondrous child within the sandbox creating magnificence. But when you are still and centered into the heart of the absolute and decide to return to the dynamic creatorship of the infinite, your mind, heart, soul and body of your being will become clear to express even more purely than you can ever imagine.

Infinite blessings to you, loving creator.

Brad Johnson.

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