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The Ability to be Immune from all Illness...

(This message was shared through Brad's higher guidance)

To my guidance, I ask...

As one experiences an illness within their life, does this have anything to do with vulnerabilities that they have on emotional, mental or spiritual levels that have brought this illness into life within themselves?

We acknowledge your query. First, one must understand what an illness is. It is not something that is simply physical, although it relates to that as a virus, bacteria, parasite, pathogen, etc. You must understand that working together with all bodies is the essence of developing a solid immunity towards all things harmful. In short, one could say, yes, that the idea of illness is caused by neglectfulness, emotional issues, mental obstruction and spiritual lack. Yes, this does manifest itself in the body through the state of an illness. And that yes, this illness can be healed without having to take any medicine or prescribed treatment whatsoever. This is done because as one forms a relationship with their body intimately on all levels, one is aware of any degree of harm that comes into it. Harm does not just emerge into your body for the fun of it. It is not something that is attempting to punish you by some external force. Disease/illness is a permission slip. Everything is created by you. Everything attracts, repels and becomes still through you. There is no one else here.

So, when one is mindful of creating a deep, intimate relationship with their bodies and spends more time exploring themselves and speaking to their body. Talking to their liver, their pancreas, their lungs, their heart, their kidneys, their nervous system… with such a strong foundation of relationship between the self and their bodies, that person will never be ill at all. In fact, you can test this through your own science. They will appear much younger than their physical age reveals. They will have the vitality of a young man or woman. They will be in considerable joy all the time. This is indeed possible. But what many humans do not understand is the ability for them to know themselves. To have a relationship with themselves. To listen to themselves from within just as you are listening to us now to record this transmission. This is essential to a finely tuned and healthy body on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Where one feels impaired comes from dependency. Dependency of other, dependency of system, dependency of assurance. All forms of dependency that keeps them outside. It is through this that many create the despair that manifests illness. There is a greater message to illness and ailment that many do not see. And it is when you see this that you will never be ill again. You will never be emotionally impaired again. You will never be mentally obstructed again. In short, you must make yourself your entire world. Every part of you must be your entire world. If it isn’t, you will become susceptible to the vulnerabilities you place within your external world, and you will fall into the despair of all those vulnerabilities you have allowed because of neglecting the relationship of yourself.

Let yourself be with your body right now. Have you thought of talking to your heart, your lungs, your liver, your kidneys today? How about your blood circulation, your adrenals, your lymphatic system? Have you asked what they may require? By doing this, you can provide through the relationship you have with your body. Have you spoken to your emotions today? Have you spoken to the thoughts you’ve adopted? All of this can transform if you see yourself as the greatest community of all. When you do this, and you go deep into yourself, your realizations of what your bodies tell you will turn everything around. Working with the power of your own focus to envision a bright, radiant organ within your body each single day will bring greater transformation than staying the course of a dietary plan that may take months or even years to show results. Diet is not the lone solution. It certainly can assist on physical levels, but it is not that which is the priority of importance. Relationship to self on all levels of being is the most important to become immune to all toxins, viruses, bacteria, and yes, emotional hardships, mental blockages, everything.

Be intimate with the community of you. These are not just words, but instructions that if you empower, will transform you exponentially. It takes no effort upon yourself to commune within. It is the simplest of all tasks to do. Make time for you. Create a you that you know you can appreciate by listening to what the world within yourself requires from you so that health and radiant well being can be a constant for you for as long as you remain in a strong, caring and nurturing self-relationship.

We thank you.

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