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Falling of the Corrupt and World Tribunals

The following article is not a prediction, but only a shared sensing of perspective based on the signs of collective events manifesting currently.

For well over a year, we have been experiencing an agenda that has shook each of us to our very core. It has been a collective downtime where our limitations in our lives have been great. We have bunkered down, we have distanced ourselves, we have worn facial apparel and are discouraged to travel and to see family and friends, and to inoculate yourselves against a 'virus' that has shown a survival rate between 97-99% worldwide. One would think that such actions would be based on an actual pandemic through these restrictions. But the simple fact of the matter has been nothing more than an artificial agenda. An agenda that was designed to usher in deeper agendas under a corrupt umbrella of conditions, stipulations and enforcements. Yet during this near 1.5 years of time, there have been counter-force actions that have built themselves up and are now unleashing upon the very groups that have orchestrated the psy-op of all psy-ops. This counter-force I would refer to as the Counter-force Alliance.

Who are these counter-force alliance members? They are ex-members of these shadow group and globalists organizations. Politicians, military, agencies, secret societies. They were once orchestrators that went along with shadow agendas, until the realization of what such groups and organizations represented, and they came into the light. They knew that the agendas orchestrated by such groups would only lead to suffering and chaos on a global level and that humanity as a whole was only seen as a resource through the eyes of these groups. They remained in silence working their way up to a certain point where the tide could be turned and when the time was right, many of these members would come together on a worldwide stage assisting humanity on a grander level to counteract the corruption that has been upon the Earth for thousands of years.

These members of the counter-force alliance need to stay in secrecy. It is because of their clandestine work behind the scenes that so much of the tide has turned. Where there has been agendas, counter-agendas have emerged to tip the scales. Where there have been orchestrations that lie to and contaminate all facets of our information sources, the silent white and gray hats behind the scenes work to create implosion upon the platforms the corrupt have used to try to assure their victories.

Throughout the past several years, the counter-force alliance has been growing in massive numbers. Many turncoats once a part of these shadow organizations have reached a greater realization. The only stability that will begin a new time of understanding upon the planet collectively is to expose, counteract, detain and remove the corrupt embedded within the multitude of systems and platforms contained within human society. The effectiveness of the counter-force is that it has no voice for the actions it performs. It is the manifestation of an anti-body and white blood cell working behind the scenes to deal with the parasites and viruses that have poisoned the society preventing the masses of humanity from knowing what life can truly be, and the prosperity that can be shared with each of us. Only until a certain critical mass comes will the counter-forces open their mouths to speak. This will only happen when the majority of the work the counter-forces need to complete is finished. That time is approaching.

The feeling is between June to October of this year, there will be tribunals conducted. In fact, tribunals may already be happening under our noses. Throughout the many nations' capitols across the planet clandestinely carried out with the veil of military secrecy and operation.

For a long time, biblical prophecy has spoken about a judgement day for those who have orchestrated corrupt dealings. Humanity itself is being the orchestrator of this judgement day towards those that have held nothing but ill-will towards this planet, its people and all life upon it. As we move into the summer, the feeling is that the agenda that we have faced for nearly a year and a half will reach its climax. For its function is reaching the needed effect necessary to open the eyes of many regarding who has been running such conditioned affairs behind the scenes. Seeing for ourselves who is genuine, and who is corrupt. Who has been truthful and who has been deceitful. All of it has come out through an intense 2020: the year of exposure. And that unveiling continues through 2021: the year of transition. The old ways are dying off where the corrupt that remain try to paint a picture of illusion upon a digital screen to give the illusion of their empire still standing. But it is nothing but Hollywood movie magic. There is nothing more than a mere husk that truly remains of their foundations. And such husks are going to be dismantled completely, reprogrammed and led under new leadership to counteract the poison that has been coursing the life veins of our planet and ourselves.

We've needed to tough this poison, because like all shadows, they are a grand teacher showing you everything that you're not. We have needed to witness the exposure of people we thought were true and genuine but revealed as deceitful and corrupt. When it is happening, it is heartbreaking, but as we reflect upon it, it is liberating. We have grown wiser. We have grown stronger. We have become masterful on what we have faced to break past the illusory veils of control and corruption. And it is through each and every one of us upon the Earth that has empowered this counter-force manifestation of those once corrupt, now realized, that are doing this work behind the scenes to function as the anti-bodies and white blood cells ending the inflammation of parasites who no longer understand what it is to have a human heart, or even a soul. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every thought of corruption administered, its antidote to restore balance is simultaneously created. It is a quiet thing, and will not make its presence known until the very moment that the corrupt deed can grow no further. It is the rebound of an elastic band. It is the returning of a thrown boomerang. It is the spotlight turned on to reveal the darkness of a hidden space. It is ourselves and our thoughts and actions created as this counter-force alliance. For those with strong hearts, minds and spirits are each igniting a flame together creating it into a bonfire. That bonfire is the counter-force to its very heart. This time of tribunals are the actions returned from those who have strayed from harmony facing what they have been ignorant seeing return to them. This is the fall of the corrupt. This is their last stand. This is the manifestation of our own ego that they represent. And the counter-force that is our light is our own heart, soul and spirit capturing the light upon high to face the shadows of the corrupt to envelope it and reset the scales back into balance.

Through these tribunals now and to come, the leaders we once knew will no longer be leaders. And when it reaches a certain point, the voice of the counter-force will be heard and an announcement is to come once the critical point has reached us. And we will see this turnaround leading to the end of this staged agenda as well as a turnaround to new leadership that serves the energy of the counter-forces created through us saying: "No more. The corrupt must end. Everything must change." And so it is.

May it be well.

Brad Johnson.

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