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On the Horizon: ET Disclosure to Come?

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Yes, even the mainstream media has dedicated a great deal of its airtime on sharing information on UFOs and sightings of interplanetary vehicles. But why are such platforms that have been designed to serve the shadow forces for so long sharing stories, footage and testimonials regarding other-worldy phenomena?

It's because the times are changing and the old machine of lies, manipulation, control and corruption are falling apart at the seems. Would it surprise you to know that the agenda of releasing information on ETs and UFOs are a direct retaliation against those opposing forces that have kept these events of other-worldly sightings under wraps?

It was believed, even by me at one point, that this may represent some type of agenda to serve the shadow forces and corrupt organizations to implement a hoax alien invasion. But by the strong momentum of energies through the events occurring now, this does not seem to be the case. This is a powerful blow to the jaw of the established corrupt forces.

We have been bound to so much secrecy and hostile protection about life from beyond our world. It has cost the lives of many whistleblowers and info-leakers where their family and friends were threatened to maintain this secrecy all so that humanity could remain in the dark believing that there was no family existing beyond the Earth assisting us behind the scenes. That we were nothing more than scared children huddled in a corner believing that only we exist in all the universe. What a phenomenal lie... Indeed, the greatest lie ever told to humanity.

This is building up to what will also be a large revealing to those who never thought twice about life beyond the Earth. This is one of many things allowed to cultivate through current events opening our eyes wider to the truth of interstellar civilizations. The advantage that the corrupt forces once had was this secrecy. Yet, the spilling of the beans unveiling declassified information, videos and testimonies of ET presences and other-worldly phenomenon is, in actually, a truth antidote breaking down the walls of secrecy, control, lies and corruption. This will lead into a great revealing where everyone on the planet will be aware that other civilizations beyond our world will exist. It will not be long before an associating critical mass announcement is made regarding this once other key factors of corrupt takedown takes place.

The ET presence and awareness of other life beyond the Earth is just one of many big announcements revealed that will loosen the blindfold of ignorance upon many living a conditioned, controlled life breaking them out of trance further. The time for this revealing feels like it may be here right before the end of the year as the energy is sensed and shared now. Right now, these exposures on the media platforms are seeds being planted slowly and steadily for something larger to grow and become known on a worldwide level. That time is approaching. For those of you who know... Enjoy what comes from this, because it is another facet in the diamond of grand awakening.

May it be well.

Brad Johnson

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