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The Antidote to the Transitioning Phase of the World

When we look at any source of media that is covering the current state of the world, reports bombard the screens of our digital devices, and stories of every kind is telling you that there is more intense times to come, and that there are more events spelling fear, doom and gloom, drastic changes, delays in keeping people confined In their homes or cities… the stories carry on, and it seems endless.

For us to understand what’s happening, you need to step back for a moment. Imagine you have a remote control in your hand and you’re pressing the pause button, and the world becomes frozen. Regardless of all the stories you’ve seen, the rumors you’ve heard and the fears you’re cultivating within your mind, let it all just freeze here in this moment.

What we are witnessing is the complete turnaround of everything we once knew. Everything that we have spent many years working alongside including people, old systems, work, travel, education, politics… the list goes on. It is all being transitioned. Scandals from celebrities, royalty figures, politicians, leaders. All of it is coming out. In fact, there is so much that we need to take this pause break. Let’s breathe in and out fully as we take this pause together…

What drives us to want to know about the state of the world? Are we able to control the world? Of course not. So why do we concern about what is playing out in the world that we have absolutely no control over? Is it because we want to see people awaken tremendously? Do we want to see justice served to those who have abused their power and have caused so much harm and chaos to the Earth? Do we want to see each of us come together; your family, friends and neighbors, united to a common cause to usher in a new time and new era for the good of humanity? Odds are at least one of these things, you are hoping for.

Remember that pause button? Keep yourself on pause. I want you to imagine that you are taking all of those wants, demands, and hopes for the world and place it all into a big ball. And I want you now to imagine that in front of you is a giant trash can, and you open it up and brilliant spirit light shines from it. Take that ball and place it into that garbage can. Once you do, close the lid, and let the light in that garbage can take care of the rest.

You see, it really comes down to something simple. If we are unable to give any love or compassion to what is happening in the world, the key is to let yourself walk away from it and do no harm. But of course, many of us do not do this. And many do not even give love or compassion from the surging of events taking place in the world. What happens instead is we absorb it like a sponge and place it into ourselves like poison. It invades the body and the mind because we give it the signature of stress, tension, fear, worry, anxiety, anger, sadness, apprehension, outrage. Are you aware that by doing this, you are slowly deteriorating your body away? Not only is your body affected with this emotional poison, but your mind is as well. You feel like you’re losing your grasp on the goodness that resides within you. Your trust, your patience… it’s being eaten away. And the reason this is happening is because you have not learned to work with yourself. Your mind and body are in disarray because you act impulsively and in a primal manner concerned about something you have no ability or say to control, and so you become an addict for harsh absorption. You let your emotions spiral out of control and let them consume the vital energy from your body. Day by day this continues until you feel you are a physical and mental wreck. And what truly is the concern that is causing this deterioration? You feel you have no control, no say, no influence over a highly intense transitional world going through a natural cycle of intense purging.

You must understand that there is NO “the World.” You have been giving your power away to reflections of yourself that you are constantly offended by, and like a boomerang coming back to the one who threw it as hard as they could, you are getting hit full force with each hurling boomerang you toss towards your reflections.

“But Brad, what about my family? What about my friends? What about those whom I care about? Are they going to be okay?”

Let’s look at that. Do you feel that you have the power to make EVERYONE feel okay?

The answer is no.

Do you feel that you yourself have the power to change the destinies of every person you care about?

The answer is no.

Do you feel that your choices based on what you feel is right is going to be the identical choice for every person that you care about?

The answer is no.

The final question… Has anyone else stepped into your life and thought things through for you and you are living a life free of worry?

The answer… is no.

So then, why do you dwell on the state of your family and friends, and those whom you care about? You see, it is not them that is suffering, but it is yourself. You see these situations coming in that frighten you, and you feel that to alleviate your own suffering, you must change the situation with everyone you care about so that they are safe and secure. All because your own insecurities are looking to be liberated as you alleviate your own suffering putting such people ahead of you to ‘fix’ them so your ego can feel accomplished. It is no different than a loved one sick in bed, and you wishing that you were the one sick in their place laying in that bed, so that you can alleviate the suffering of hopelessness you feel. Such a feeling hinders you both.

Dear reader, that is not freedom. That is not peace. That is not harmony. You are afraid, and all you want to do is alleviate your suffering by feeling you have the power to change everyone and everything. You do not have such a power. The world is not yours to control or command. The world is the world. You are only ever responsible for your world.

The alleviation to this suffering is to offer your love and compassion to the world when it is facing good and bad times. Who you choose to be in life is what will fundamentally determine the flow of your reality. Times feel difficult on the Earth, and who is there to sprinkle on that great strength of love and compassion without expectations? The willingness to give your love and your compassion is far more of a strength than you may know. The feeling you have after giving such love is the most wonderful feeling there is. You are not trying to control anyone or change anyone. You are opening your heart because these are times where compassion is requested the most. But you are not in fear because someone is having a difficult time. No, you are in compassion because someone is having a difficult time. You do not grow angry because an injustice occurs in the world. No, you are offering your strength of support through that love and compassion so that what is clouded, and unseen can be seen. What we know as negatively oriented emotions will only add more black clouds to an already powerful storm upon the horizon. You help no one, particularly yourself when you are compromised emotionally. The antidote to the problems everyone faces is love, compassion, understanding and support. And as mentioned once already, if that is too much, walk away, go into silence, and look into yourself. See where the ignorance lies that prevents you from accumulating and sharing such love that is given freely to you by the Self.

You will continue to meet people who have caused harm as well as situations that will bring intensity to a currently fragile humanity. When that happens, remember that remote control in your hand. Pause everything, investigate yourself and say: “Can I give love and compassion to these things, or do I need to step back, do no harm, and look within in silence?” What affects you and brings up boiling emotions within you, do not shun it. Look at it. For when you investigate the ignorance that causes reaction and you notice it, you are stronger than you think. The antidote is love, and when you harness it into yourself, it is strong enough to move mountains. Therefore, no matter what is happening in your world daily, keep yourself strong with the goodness that exists in your world. For there is far more wondrous and beautiful things upon the Earth than you give credit for. Work with such things and let that be a natural immunity that you build up to offer that love, compassion, and support to your world and to those that are your reflections. Relinquish the feeling to change and control as that only breeds ignorance. Love is and shall always be the way to true unadulterated freedom.

Be well,

Brad Johnson

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