Spirit Insight Sessions

With a Spirit Insight Session, you are getting a summarized look at Spirit guidance through a general reading of where you are at currently that can also extend into your Soul history exploring other life perspectives (other lifetimes). The general reading can provide insight on what's ahead for you and what to be aware of around you to help you elevate your awareness and empower your life path. Similar to the former Akashic Record sessions, the Spirit Insight Session looks deeper to help you through your inner journey and follow your heart in accomplishing what you have come here on Earth to accomplish.

The second area looked into is the advisement reading which may accompany healing guidance where you may look into opportunities that are looking to present yourself to set yourself upon the path that best suits you. This can also assist you with healing recommendations that will realign you past old tendencies ready to be forgiven and released.


  • General Reading

  • Other lifetimes (if applicable to reading)

  • Advisement Reading and/or Healing Guidance

The Process

After you order, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with an instructional PDF document available to download.


Through the PDF's instructions, please email the following to the email provided in the document:

  • Your full name

  • A picture of yourself

  • (Optional) one area that you may want to have looked at within your reading.

After your email response is sent, Brad Johnson will be emailing you setting up a completion date for your session. The Spirit Insight Session is an offline session so no personal interaction is necessary. 

You will receive an MP3 recording of your session once completed sent directly to your email. Session readings vary between 10-20 minutes in length on average.

Order the Spirit Insight Session

NOTE: Please check your junk/spam folder as well if you don't see the confirmation email in your Inbox. Thank you.