The EQ Method (Elimination-Query)

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What is the EQ Method?

The EQ (Elimination-Query) Method is a powerful technique where one is able to completely dissolve their conflict issues of the body and mind by learning how to direct their attention to eternal happiness. This is a process that anyone can do and its results works on everyone that is open to the simple step-by-step instructions given. Within a matter of minutes, you learn how any conflict issue, whether emotional or mental in nature, can be eliminated through a simple process of queries. This leads you into a state of being that dissolves such conflict issues by simply keeping your attention to this state of being for a total of one-minute. After this one-minute of time, you witness how ANY conflict issue no longer remains because you have harnessed the power of eternal happiness.

EQ Method Sessions are 30 minutes in length and can be done through Skype, Zoom or Google Meet video meetings. EQ Methods cannot be done by phone as the client must be seen as part of the session's process.

The Optional Thought Alignment (or Realignment Method) for physical body discomfort

The EQ Method session also comes with an optional method that can be conducted prior to the EQ Method. This optional method is called the Realignment Method (RAM) and works with the power of one's thoughts to replace a pain body with a refreshed body using simple guided direction. This is ideal if you suffer from any physical discomfort and would like to recuperate through a gradual practice that sheds old stagnant cells from the body replacing them with new revitalized cells all through the power of your thoughts.

Overview of an EQ Method Session

  • Introduction and practice of the Realignment method rejuvenating the body with the thought alignment process (optional).

  • Overview of the first conflict issue (mental/emotional related)

  • Acknowledgement of all perceived memories of the conflict issue

  • Personal Elimination process through query

  • The EQ Method process

  • Review and repeating the above steps (excluding Realignment Method) for all additional conflict issues to follow until the conclusion of the 30-minute session.

  • A post-EQ Method follow-up email option should you have any additional questions regarding the process or to offer feedback.


  • Feel good feeling/and even pain elimination through the focus of the client performed through the Realignment Method!

  • Permanent elimination of any and all conflict issues mentally and emotionally felt within the body.

  • Instruction on how to repeat the method beyond the session so you only need to participate with the EQ Method session once!

  • MP3 recording of your session sent to your email after your session has been completed.

  • Upon willfully following the step-by-step guidance of the EQ Method, profound results are GUARANTEED.

PDF Resource Available Prior to a Session

  • Download the Emotions Guide PDF guide to offer emotional keywords in preparing an outline of the conflict issues you'd like to have eliminated during your EQ Method Session (Download PDF here).

Purchase EQ Method Session

After your purchase is complete, download the PDF attachment included in your email order receipt for session instructions.
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"The EQ method is a transformative tool that helped me to free myself from emotional and mental patterns. Through a couple of minutes with a held focus, I was able to eliminate identification patterns that were no longer serving me. I absolutely recommend the sessions to anyone wanting to easily and gracefully dissipate blocks, programs, expand their consciousness and increase the light in their hearts. Brad taught me how to disengage the mind and emotions from false beliefs and establish neutrality instead. Deeply grateful for the session Brad!"

~ Maria Medina

"I am so grateful and ecstatic about the EQ Method and the Realignment Method from Brad Johnson/New Earth Teachings! I was able to clear out old stories and conflicting energies from my past and also heal some pain I had in my body. After completing these methods with Brad I felt more energetic, happy, and I have more clarity. I am so thankful to have these wonderful tools to assist me in my everyday life. Thank you Brad!"

~ Sonya Jacobs

"I enjoy Brad's work but I did come in with some skepticism about this method as I've heard a lot of promises from healers over the Internet who don't deliver, but I'm thrilled to say Brad is not one of those. I was really surprised how well the EQ method works. I'm not going to go into too much detail because you guys have to experience it for yourself, but I came into the session with a long list of issues, and after it was finished, I knew the technique, and two days later, I've cleared the list! I'm feeling amazing! Not only that, but there's that deep sense of peace existing in my mind that I've worked really hard through meditation, yoga, mantra... nothing got me there as quickly as the EQ Method has. Thank you Brad for sharing this method will all of us. It is well worth the price. You are getting something incredibly life-changing in exchange. My advice - Do this! You'll be glad you did!"

~ Ryan Campbell

"Brad Johnson's EQ Method is a gentle no nonsense healing approach that goes to the root of trauma.  It releases trauma quite rapidly. Brad's kind caring demeanor makes him a wonderful facilitator.  I could feel my energy systems re-balancing for about 24 hours after our session. I now feel lighter, open to new adventures and have a higher dimensional perspective with this integration process.  I highly recommend a session."

~ Roxanna Adams.

"I enjoyed my EQ session with Brad. It was a simple, easy-to-follow process that he does one-on-one with you and that you can increase the effects and benefit of by continuing with the daily guided exercise he provides after the session. I chose something unique to work on - the programming and conditioning (especially generational) I have felt around food and cooking (i.e., roles, expectations, overemphasis, energy and time it takes up in our lives, etc.), which was quite interesting to do. I felt lighter afterwards and even felt it extend to people around me who seemed to lighten up on this topic also. I like the way Brad is streamlining techniques and processes to assist us in more quickly and easily clearing obstacles so that we can get to the fun stuff - experiencing more of our creative and imaginative potential. Thank you, Brad!"  

~ Monica Karaba