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The EQ Method Introduction - Brad Johnson | New Earth Teachings
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What is the EQ Method?

EQ stands for equivalence. It is through equivalence that the EQ method works as emotions and discomforts are substituted for new feelings of joy, liberation and vital health. Through a simple step-by-step meditative method, you will enter the Theta brainwave state and are guided to replace what you don't prefer with what you do. From traumas, emotional conflict and even physical pain, all of these can be replaced through one session that averages 20 minutes bringing you into an instant feeling of liberation, hence its effectiveness of being an instant core healing method.

There is no preparation exercise needed nor anything else that is required. All you need is open mind and a willingness to transform your emotions and pain sensations into liberated harmony. If you have such openness, this method is the ideal solution in helping you further.

History of the EQ Method

The EQ method is founded by Brad Johnson: International Psychic, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. The method has had previous incarnations of itself formerly known as Light Circuitry Attunements and Body Regeneration Healing. The newest version of this technique, the EQ method works with core issues from deeply embedded traumas, revealing their presence, intensifying their energy and substituting the trauma with positive reinforcement. This process is intricately designed through the EQ method to work effectively with any harsh trauma experienced in one's past. Its intent holds similarity to Shamanic healing and even deep hypnosis, yet one is not taken into a deep trance state to replace their traumas.

The Process

With a brief introduction to the area(s) you'd like to work on for the session, you are taken into the Theta brainwave state as you work towards positive reinforcement to substitute the area(s) in question. The Theta brainwave state is a simple state to enter as you're guided by examples on obtaining this natural state that seems similar to a highly active daydream. Through this state, Brad Johnson works with you to begin the 'Equivalence' process substituting a trauma in exchange for a feeling of joyful liberation. After this has been achieved, post-session instructions will be given to you by Brad to helping you maintain a permanent state with nourishing and nurturing your new adopted feeling.

Your session is recorded onto MP3 audio and sent to your email after the session is completed.


  • Deep core healing transformation resulting in a permanent positive emotional change!

  • Instantaneous healing effect!

  • Learn about the power of the Theta brainwave healing state!

  • Free MP3 recording of the session + Daily Energy Cultivation MP3 exercise!

  • Substitution of traumas, emotional conflicts and physical pain!


(All prices are in Canadian funds and can be purchased through any currency via PayPal.)

EQ Instant Healing Method (Approx. $85.00 USD)

After your purchase is complete, download the PDF attachment included in your order receipt for session instructions.
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"Brad Johnson's EQ Method is a gentle no nonsense healing approach that goes to the root of trauma.  It releases trauma quite rapidly. Brad's kind caring demeanor makes him a wonderful facilitator.  I could feel my energy systems re-balancing for about 24 hours after our session. I now feel lighter, open to new adventures and have a higher dimensional perspective with this integration process.  I highly recommend a session."

~ Roxanna Adams.

"Brad's EQ method is absolutely transformative!  In our session, old emotional energy I had stored from severe autoimmune issues was completely transmuted and replaced with pure love energy!  With his gentle and clear guidance, every cell in my being was wrapped in rainbow light, vibrating with the frequency of love and lifting me to a state of total bliss!  Along with our recorded session, he added a daily love energy meditation as well.  Such a simple, yet powerful process that has only intensified with daily practice.  I highly recommend Brad to help anyone on their path of ascension!"

~ Jess Morris

"I enjoyed my EQ session with Brad. It was a simple, easy-to-follow process that he does one-on-one with you and that you can increase the effects and benefit of by continuing with the daily guided exercise he provides after the session. I chose something unique to work on - the programming and conditioning (especially generational) I have felt around food and cooking (i.e., roles, expectations, overemphasis, energy and time it takes up in our lives, etc.), which was quite interesting to do. I felt lighter afterwards and even felt it extend to people around me who seemed to lighten up on this topic also. I really resonate with rainbow frequencies as well, so I was tickled that part of the work involved a rainbow-coded ribbon and energies. I like the way Brad is streamlining techniques and processes to assist us in more quickly and easily clearing obstacles so that we can get to the fun stuff - experiencing more of our creative and imaginative potential. Thank you, Brad!"  

~ Monica Karaba