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Yoga Nidra Hypnosis Session

The Yoga Nidra Hypnosis Session involves working one to one with you as you are guided through the process of yoga or psychic sleep to accomplish an important goal through your inner development and spiritual journey. Brad Johnson is an experienced Yoga Nidra practitioner and offers his own version of the method that will help you to reach a receptive intuitive state as you are assisted in bringing your awareness past the physical and more into the psychic, astral, and causal planes of being. This goes beyond traditional hypnosis as you are brought into a deeper immersive state with the subtle realms of your own psyche to help you discover personal answers through your Sankalpa: Soul's intention.

Yoga Nidra Journeys

Incarnation: Through Yoga Nidra Hypnosis, you will explore one or even several different lifetimes witnessing them in observation as you reflect on the situations encountered in these lifetimes. This will lead you to 'witness' the death experience in the observed lifetimes so that you are brought to the infinite intelligence of the Higher Self and Soul where you will become aware of personal reviews of such lifetimes to help you in understanding more of the incarnation that you are a part of now in the present lifetime. This can also lead to self-healing, or in some cases, instant healing (depending on one's level of hypnotic immersion).

Self-Healing: Through Yoga Nidra Hypnosis, this is a similar journey to incarnation, but focuses more on seeing reflections of incarnations that led to karmic injuries/ailments that are carried forward into this lifetime. The lifetime(s) observed surround the desire to self-heal, and you will also witness the death process to be brought into the higher self and guided through a self-healing process that will aid in having your conditions brought to the light and brought towards a bath to recovery, or instant healing based on hypnotic immersion.


Astral Exploration: Through Yoga Nidra Hypnosis, you will enter a deep relaxing state where you are aware of a conscious form of astral projection or entering a full-out astral body experience as you explore different realms , connect with star family, angels, and any other phenomena that are guided through your own Sankalpa (Soul's intention.

Akashic Records: Through Yoga Nidra Hypnosis, you will explore the plane of the Akashic Records as you are guided through the Astral Exploration journey, either through conscious or full-out astral projection, and will explore the vast universal library where you can look into your own book of life and speak to the Lord of the Akashic Records on any questions you may have.

Yoga Nidra Process

A Yoga Nidra Hypnosis Session can go up to a total of 2 hours in length. All sessions are available on Wednesdays with time slots available at 10am and 4pm (Pacific Standard Time GMT -800). 

The session begins with a 15-20 minute orientation where Brad Johnson conducts a short interview with you. This interview involves key questions that aid with experiencing a deep, immersive Yoga Nidra Hypnosis Session. These questions will involve understanding your Sankalpa, understanding your passions, desires, and what elements within your life are setbacks/hurdles.

After the orientation, there will be a setup process as your webcam and microphone are adjusted as you prepare yourself from the comfort of your own home to prepare yourself for the Yoga Nidra Hypnosis Session. This will also involve adjusting the lighting and temperature of your space so that you are completely comfortable for your session. This process may take up to 5-10 minutes.

The remaining 90 minutes will involve the Yoga Nidra Hypnosis Session itself. Brad Johnson will guide you into performing simple practice and awareness exercises to bringing you into an idle, subtle state of being so that you are the most intuitively receptive when entering Yoga Nidra so that the journey you select will be a deep immersive experience and will help you to provide answers and clarity through your Sankalpa.

Yoga Nidra Hypnosis Session Order Form

Price for 2-hour Yoga Nidra Hypnosis Session is $277.00 CAD.




Thanks for your order! Your submission will be reviewed and you will receive a reply from Brad Johnson no later than within the next 24 hours. If you need to contact us, please visit our Contact page. Thank you.

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